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What We Look For


In general, Land Economy doesn’t require you to have studied any specific subjects in your final two years of school. The undergraduate degree is designed to give you a thorough grounding in the skills that you need to succeed in the degree.

Many of our students have backgrounds in both the arts and the sciences. Although you may find that Economics, Maths, or Geography would be useful preparation, you won’t find yourself at a disadvantage if you choose other subjects. All we ask is that you can demonstrate critical thinking skills, the ability to learn, and a determination to succeed.

Although your offer will depend on your college, the typical A Level offer that we see for students applying to Land Economy is A*AA, and 40-41 points with 776 at Higher Level for IB. Check the University website for information on the equivalent requirements for other UK qualifications or EU and international qualifications.


The Perfect Land Economy Student

There is no single model of the perfect Land Economy student. Our students have a range of diverse interests, and no two are alike.

When the admissions tutor looks over your application, they will be looking for intellectual curiosity, independent motivation, and critical thinking. One way to show your curiosity and motivation is by exploring your interests outside school:

  • Read, including exploring our suggested reading list
  • Follow the news
  • Attend court
  • Seek work experience or a shadowing scheme

Remember that we are interested in how you think, so regardless of what interests you explore, remember to ask questions, think critically, and reflect on your experiences. For more ideas on how to explore Land Economy outside of school, follow our twitter feed @cambridgelandec.


Upcoming events

Workshop series - session #3: Water - 24th of May

May 24, 2017

Boardroom, Faculty of Architecture. 1 Scroope Terrace, Cambridge CB2 1PX

Workshop series - session #4: Waste - 31st of May

May 31, 2017

Boardroom, Faculty of Architecture. 1 Scroope Terrace, Cambridge CB2 1PX

Workshop series - session #5: Energy - 7th of June

Jun 07, 2017

Latimer Room, Clare College. Trinity Lane, Cambridge CB2 1TL

Upcoming events

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