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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Studying at Cambridge


Professor David Howarth

Professor David Howarth

Reader in Law

Key Publications


  • Law as Engineering: Thinking about what lawyers do (Elgar)
  • Hepple and Matthews, Tort: Cases and Materials (OUP) 6th Edition
  • Textbook on Tort (Butterworths)

Book Chapters

  • '"The House of Lords: Central Policy Issues" in A. Fitzpatrick (Ed), The End of the Peer Show? (Constitution Society, London), pp. 99-108
  • "Intentional Torts" in C. Sappideen and P. Vines (Ed), Fleming's Law of Torts (Thomson-Reuters, Sydney), pp. 23-48
  • "Defences to the Intentional Torts" in C. Sappideen and P. Vines (Ed), Fleming's Law of Torts (Thomson-Reuters, Sydney), pp. 87-115
  • "The General Conditions of Unlawfulness" in A. Hartkamp, M. Hesselink, E. Hondius, C.Mak and C.E. du Perron (Ed), Towards a European Civil Code 4th edition (revised and expanded) (Wolters Kluwer/ Ars Aequi Libri, Alphen aan den Rijn), pp. 845-885
  • "What is Social Liberalism?" in D. Brack, R. Grayson and D. Howarth Reinventing the State (Politico's, London)
  • "The Duty of Care" in K Oliphant et al Law of Tort (Butterworths Common Law Series) (Butterworths)
  • "'Economic Concepts: Markets and Prosperity', 'Economic Concepts: Welfare State', Rationality', 'Hobhouse', 'Rawls', and 'Weber'" in D Brack and E Randall Dictionary of Liberal Thought (Politico's Publishing Ltd)
  • "Energy: A sustainable non-nuclear future" in D. Astle et al Britain after Blair (Profile Books Ltd)
  • "The General Conditions of Unlawfulness" in A Hartkamp et al Towards a European Civil Code (Kluwer, The Hague) 3rd Edition
  • "Profits from Breach of Contract" in S Hedley and M Halliwell (Ed), The Law of Restitution (Butterworths Common Law Series, 2002) (Butterworths), pp. 207-230
  • "Restitution for Torts and Miscellaneous Other Wrongs" in S Hedley and M Halliwell (Ed), The Law of Restitution (Butterworths Common Law Series, 2002) (Butterworths), pp. 231-272
  • "General Defences" in A Grubb (Ed), The Law of Tort (Butterworths Common Law Series, 2001) (Butterworths), pp. 145-185
  • "The Duty of Care" in A Grubb (Ed), The Law of Tort (Butterworths Common Law Series, 2001) (Butterworths), pp. 503-587
  • "The General Conditions of Unlawfulness" in Hartkamp, Heeselink, Hondius et al Towards a European Civil Code II (Kluwer Law International), pp. 397-431
  • "Is there a future for the intentional torts?" in P Birks (Ed), The Classification of Obligations (OUP), pp. 233-282
  • "Economic Loss in England: The search for coherence" in E Banakas (Ed), Civil Liability for Pure Economic Loss (Kluwer), pp. 27-54
  • "Making Sense Out of Nonsense" in Gross and Harrison (Ed), Jurisprudence: Cambridge Essays (OUP)


  • '"Libel: Its Purpose and Reform" [2011] Modern Law Review 845-877
  • "The Backbench Business Committee of the House of Commons" [2011] Public Law 490-98
  • "The Costs of Libel Actions: A Sceptical Note" [2011] Cambridge Law Journal 397-419
  • "The Criminal Evidence (Witness Anonymity) Act 2008’" (2008) 8 Archbold News 6-10
  • "Many Duties of Care - Or A Duty of Care?" Notes from the Underground Oxford Journal of Legal Studies Volume 26, Number 3, 2006 , pp. 449-472
  • "Against Lumley v Gye" (2005) 68(2) Modern Law Review 195-232
  • "Poisoned Wells: "Proximity" and "Assumption of Responsibility" in Negligence. Sutradhar v NERC" [2005] Cambridge Law Journal 23-26
  • "Civil Liability for GM Farming: GM crops and the existing law" (2004) 12(5) Environmental Liability 185
  • "Public Authority Non-Liability: Spinning out of Control?" [2004] CLJ 542
  • "Civil Liability for GM Farming: unanswered questions" (2004) 12(4) Environmental Liability 137
  • "Nuisance and the House of Lords: Squaring the Triangle" [2004] Journal of Environmental Law 233
  • "The House of Lords and the Animals Act: Closing the Stable Door" [2003] CLJ 548-551
  • "Is Law A Humanity (Or is it more like Engineering?)" (2003) 3(1) Arts and Humanities in Higher Education 7-26
  • "Confidence, Data Protection and the Supermodel" [2003] C.L.J. 17
  • "Muddying the Waters: Tort Law and the Environment" [2002] Washburn Law Journal 469-513
  • "Privacy, Confidentiality and the Cult of Celebrity" [2002] CLJ 264-268
  • "Three Forms of Responsibility: On the Relationship Between Tort Law and the Welfare State" [2001] CLJ 553-580
  • "On the Question 'What is Law?' (2000) 6(3) Res Publica 259" (2000) 6(3) Res Publica 259
  • "Complexity Strikes Back: Valuation in the House of Lords" (2000) 8 Tort Law Rev 85
  • "Towards a Guilt-Free Society" Times Literary Supplement 5 June 1998, pp. 11-12
  • "My Brother's Keeper: Liability for the acts of third parties" [1994] Legal Studies 88
  • "Negligence after Murphy: Time to rethink" [1991] CLJ 58-99
  • "The Autonomy of Labour Law: A reply to Professor Wedderburn" 17 Industrial L.J. 11 (1988)
  • "O Madness of Discourse: Causation and the Law" 96 Yale L.J. 1389-1424 (1987)
  • "Neutral Principles for Employers" [1987] CLJ 227
  • "Frustration for Labour Lawyers" [1987] CLJ 47
  • "Church and State in Employment Law" [1986] Cambridge L.J. 404
  • "Bristow v. City Petroleum; Sealand v. Barratt" [1986] Industrial L.J. 190
  • "The Truck Act 1896 - Last Rites" [1986] CLJ 30
  • "A History of British Regional Policy in the 1970s" 2 Yale & Policy Rev. (1984) 215-255
  • "More concern for cause" 4 Legal Studies 131 (1984)

Book Reviews

  • "A Coalition is Born" [2011] Journal of Liberal History 40-45
  • "In the Theatre State" Times Literary Supplement 11 March 2011, p 23 


  • "The Jackson Review: Lessons and Consequences" (in K. Oliphant et al. On a slippery slope (Working Group on Civil Justice, 2011),, Feb 2011)

Conference Papers

  • "Reaching the Cabinet: A British Cursus Honorum?" (Feb 2013)
  • "Lawyers in Modern British Politics" (SLS Cambridge, Sep 2011)