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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Maarten Voors

Dr Maarten Voors

Isaac Newton Postdoctoral Fellow

Office Phone: 37156


  • EP04, Environmental Policy Assessment and Evaluation

Key Publications

  • Richards, P., J. Amara, M.C. Ferme, P. Kamara, E. Mokuwa, A.I. heriff, R. Suluku, M. Voors, 2015. Social pathways for Ebola Virus Disease in rural Sierra Leone, and some implications for containment, PLOS Neglegted Tropical Diseases, in press
  • Chami, G., S. Ahnert, M. Voors and A. Kontoleon, 2014. Social network analysis predicts health behaviours and self-reported health in African villages, PLoS ONE 9(7): e103500
  • Voors, M.J. and E. Bulte, 2014. Conflict and the Evolution of Institutions: Unbundling Institutions at the Local Level in Burundi, Journal of Peace Research vol. 51(4): 455-469
  • Grijspaarden, H. van de, M. Voors, E. Bulte and P. Richards, 2013. Who believes in witches? Moral ambiguity and institutional flux in post-war rural Sierra Leone, African Affairs, vol.112(446): 22 - 47
  • Voors, M.J., E.E.M. Nillesen, P. Verwimp, E.H. Bulte, B.W. Lensink and D.P. van Soest, 2012. Violent Conflict and Behavior: a Field Experiment in Burundi, American Economic Review 102(2): 941-64
  • Voors, M., T. Turley, A. Kontoleon, E. Bulte and J. List, 2012. Exploring whether behavior in context-free experiments is predictive of behavior in the field: Evidence from lab and field experiments in rural Sierra Leone, Economics Letters 114 (2012) 308-311
  • Voors, M., T. Turley, A. Kontoleon, J. List, and E. Bulte, 2011. Public Good Games and Behavior in the Forest: Evidence from Sierra Leone. American Economic Review (papers and proceedings) 101(3): 329-33
    Mokuwa, E,.M. Voors, E. Bulte and P. Richards, 2011. Peasant grievance and insurgency in Sierra Leone: Judicial serfdom as a driver of conflict. African Affairs, 110(440): 339-366
  • Voors, M.J., Bulte, E.H. and R. Damania, 2011. Higher Incomes and Corruption in Africa: Does a Virtuous Cycle exist?, Journal of African Economies 20 (3): 395-418
    Voors, M.J. and M. D'Haese, 2010. Smallholder dairy sheep production and market channel development: An institutional perspective of rural Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia. Journal of Dairy Science, 93: 3869-3879

Working Papers

  • When Economics Meets Hierarchy: A Field Experiment on the Workings of the Invisible Hand, with E. Bulte, A. Kontoleon, J. List, T. Turley (2014)
  • Chief for a Day! Participatory Development and Elite Capture in Sierra Leone, with E. Bulte, A. Kontoleon, J. List, T. Turley (2014)
  • Revealed Identity in Social Networks: Evidence from Rural Communities in Sierra Leone, with N. Sincar, T.Turley, P van der Windt (2014)
  • Chiefs and Resources in Sierra Leone’s Civil War, with E. Bulte, K. Papaioannou, and P. van der Windt (2014)
  • Earned versus Unearned Aid: A Field Experiment in Sierra Leone, with E. Bulte, A. Kontoleon, J. List, T. Turley (2014)
  • Sanctioning Regimes and Local Institutional Quality in Liberia, with G. Beekman, L. Nillesen and T. Turley (2013)
  • Integrating Conflict Questions in a Household Survey: An Example from Burundi, Households in Conflict Network, IDS University of Sussex, with Bundervoet, T., Nillesen, E., Verwimp, P. (2009)
  • The Evolution of Welfare of Rural Households in Post-Conflict Burundi: Results from the Priority Survey Panel 1998-2007. ISTEEBU and Antwerp University (report in French), with Ndayishimiye, N., Butoyi, J., Verwimp, P., Bundervoet, T., Nillesen, L. (2009)