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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Studying at Cambridge


Dr Thies Lindenthal

Dr Thies Lindenthal

University Lecturer in Real Estate Finance

Director of Studies for Land Economy St John's College

Course Director MPhil Real Estate Finance (2016/2017)

Office Phone: +44 (0) 1223 768 432

Subject groups/Research projects

Cambridge Real Estate Research Centre:


Real Estate Finance (RE01) and Real Estate Securities, Securitization and Investment (RE03)

Other Professional Activities

Expert witness for Internet Domain Names

Founder of news aggregator

Key Publications

Working Paper

  • Lindenthal, T. “Beauty in the Eye of the Home-Owner: Aesthetic Zoning and Residential Property Values” (submitted)

  • Ooi, J. and T. Lindenthal. Local market power in residential property markets”

  • Lindenthal T. and P. Eichholtz “That’s What We Paid for It: The Spell of the Home Purchase Price through the Centuries”

  • Eichholtz, P.; Lindenthal T. and M. Korevaar “500 Years of Rents in Western Europe: A Long-term View on the Rental Market”


Other Publications


  • Lindenthal, T. (forthcoming). “Estimating Supply Elasticities for Residential Real Estate in the UK“, in: Huang, B., Cao K. and E. Silva (Eds.) Comprehensive Geographic Information Systems: Socio-economic applications. Elsevier.

  • Lindenthal, T.  and P. Eichholtz (2011) “Prolonged Crisis: Housing in Germany and Berlin”. In Bardok, A., Edelstein, R., and Kroll, C., editors, Global Housing: Markets, Crises, Institutions, and Policies. John Wiley & Sons, New Jersey.

  • Eichholtz P.  and T. Lindenthal. (2008) “Behoeftes en belemmeringen in de woningbouw: Een lange termijn perspectief” . In Preadvies – Agenda voor de woningmarkt. Den Haag: Koninklijke vereniging voor de Staathuishoudkunde.

  • Lindenthal, T. and P. Eichholtz. (2008) “Demographic Change, Human Capital and the Demand for Housing”. Europe Real Estate Yearbook. The Hague: Europe Real Estate Publishers.

  • Eichholtz, P. and T. Lindenthal. (2009)  “How much housing will we need in the future – and why is it so difficult to build it in time?”, Holland Real Estate Yearbook. The Hague: Europe Real Estate Publishers. p202-205.

  • Eichholtz, P. and T. Lindenthal. (2009) “Demografische krimp en woningprijzen”. Economisch Statistische Berichten, 94(4558). p249-251