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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics
The Department of Land Economy


The Land Economy undergraduate degree is a three year honours degree programme which leads to the award of a Cambridge first degree (BA).  The Land Economy tripos focuses on law and economics, but includes aspects of the environment, business finance, and resource management. As you advance in your studies, you will have the opportunity to specialise and choose the subjects that are of the most interest to you. The programme is rigorous. Students are introduced to complex theoretical debates, and to their practical implications.


What is the “Tripos”?

Originally, “tripos” was the name of the three-legged stool that students sat on for their exams.  These days, we’ve moved on from stools, but the word has stuck. Now “tripos” at Cambridge refers to undergraduate degree courses.

The undergraduate degree is often called the “tripos,” referring to the tripos exams you must pass to complete the degree. In Land Economy, this is split into 3 years:


How do we teach?

Learn more about the array of lectures, supervisions, and seminars offered within the Department.


About the Department

Learn more about the Department facilities, including computing, library access, and ties across campus.


Additional course costs

All students are required to have a University approved calculator (£14 or £35 when purchased from Department). A number of optional field trips are offered, which may involve minor travel expenses for students in the region of £100 pa, depending on numbers involved. 

Students are encouraged to purchase a copy of a main textbook for most Papers, although they are also available in the University library and College libraries. Purchase is optional, save for books which may be taken into examinations (£12 pa). Costs for optional, but useful books, is in the order of £200 pa per year, depending on choice of papers. Many Colleges offer grants for the purchase of books, but the amount varies from College to College. 


Alternative Paths

For current Cambridge students wishing to change into Land Economy, or mature students interested in a career change, see Transfer and Affiliated Student.

You can also view our full prospectus, or of this prospectus.



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