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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics


Your first year will give you a thorough grounding in the core disciplines of law and economics, and introduce you to the multidisciplinary nature of the degree. You will have the chance to explore the foundations of these social sciences and see how they relate to the environment before later going on to specialise in particular areas.

As a first year Land Economy student, you will take four “papers,” or subjects. Although the papers may change year to year, this is what you can expect from your first year:

Paper 1A Economics I Introduces microeconomic theory and welfare economics
Paper 1B Economics II Introduces macroeconomic and macroeconomic policy
Paper 2 The Public Sector Covers institutional and legal frameworks, introduces students to the study of law through an examination of public law

Paper 3

Quantitative and Legal methods for Land Economists Introduces students to principles of legal techniques, mathematics, and statistics relevant to the study of Land Economy
Paper 4 Land Economy, Development, and Sustainability Ranges through the multidisciplinary nature of Land Economy itself


You will be assessed by written examination and through course work and project completion. Many colleges offer mock exams, giving you the chance experience full exam-conditions to help you prepare for your first Cambridge exams.


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