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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

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Transfer Students

If you are already a student at Cambridge and are interested in switching to Land Economy, you may choose to pursue a transfer. As a transfer student, your requirements will be slightly different to ensure that you complete the Land Economy tripos with the knowledge and skill level that we expect from our Land Economy students.

For more information, see the Changing Course section on the University’s website.

Affiliated Students

If you already have an approved undergraduate degree from another institution, but would like to take the Land Economy undergraduate degree, perhaps as part of a career change, you will need to apply as an affiliated student.

As an affiliated student applicant, you will apply to a specific college to study Land Economy, requesting to begin your studies with the second year of the tripos. If the college supports your application, they will pass your request to the Board of Land Economy, who may either grant you permission to start your studies with Part IB and complete your degree in two years, or require you to begin with Part IA.

For more information on applying as an affiliated student, see the University’s website.


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