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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

General Overview

The Employment Programme at the Department of Land Economy was established in 2010 in association with Cambridge University Land Society (CULS) and Cambridge Land Economy Advisory Board (CLEAB). It replaced the MPhil in Real Estate Finance Employment Programme, which was established in 2006.

The Employment Programme aims to assist all Land Economy students to find job placement after graduating from their studies at University of Cambridge. The main goal of the Programme is to provide  all Land Economy students with information, contacts and links to the companies, which would lead to achieving the best possible start in their progressive careers.

MPhil in Real Estate Finance Resume Book

The most unique aspect of the Employment Programme is the production of MPhil in REF Resume Book. The Resume book is published and distributed to more than 300 companies globally on an annual basis.

Companies who have shown interest in Land Economy students, automatically receive the Resume book as it is published by email and/or by post depending on their preferences.

Companies who receive the resume book are free to contact any student(s) at their discretion to invite them for an interview and offer them a position. 

Companies are advised check with the Employment Coordinator if a particular student has already found a job placement before they contact them.

New to the Employment Programme 

All new companies interested in participating in the Department of Land Economy Employment Programme are encouraged to contact the Employment Coordinator in first instance for further information on joining the Programme.

The Department of Land Economy does not deal with Recruitment Agencies.


For all enquiries please contact:
The Real Estate Finance Administrator on:
Land Economy offices – 19 Silver street, Cambridge CB3 9EP.