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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

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Name PhD Title Supervisor
Mr Siem Aarts Risk and Return Characteristics of Real Estate  Private Equity Prof  Andrew Baum
Mr Ransford Antwi Acheampong Integrated Land Use-Transit Planning For Sustainable Mobility in Rapidly Urbanizing cities: A Case Study of The City of Kumasi in Ghana. Dr Elisabete Silva
Mr Hassan Adan The interrelationship among energy efficiency  rating, consumer behaviour in the residential property market in relation to  green housing issues and house prices Dr Franz Fuerst (REUA)
Mr David Allen Treatise  on Mean-Variance Analysis. Prof Colin Lizieri (REUA) / Dr Stephen Satchell (Faculty of Economics)
Ms Nidhi Chaudhary Evaluation of software technology parks in India Mr Barry Moore  (REUA)
Mr Wen-Te Chiang Real Virtuality and Moving Body: Town Centre First Policies and ‘Spatial Consumption’ of Multi-channel Retailing Professor Phil Allmendigner and Mr Kelvin MacDonald
Ms Apisara    Chuangdumrongsomsuk International  Real Estate Markets: Drivers, Structural breaks, cointegration and portfolio  diversification Prof Colin Lizieri (REUA)/ Dr William Seabrooke
Mr Justin Doran Regional resilience: are    recessionary shocks persistent or transitionary. Prof Bernard Fingleton (REUA) / Prof John McCombie (REUA/CCEPP)
Ms Nikky Fleurke Planning    and complexity: A creative and strategic framework Prof Phil Allmendinger    (REUA)
Mr Nestor Garza Land    policy and prices in Latin America: spatial economic tales of Colombian cities Prof Colin Lizieri (REUA)/             Dr Danilo Igliori
Mr Osvaldo Gomez-Martinez Property  rights institutions, economic growth and development/poverty alleviation. Dr Martin Dixon (REUA)
Miss  Miao Gong Commercial  real estate investment and risk management in China Dr  Helen Bao (REUA)
Ms Carolyn Grimsley Implementation of a Global Title Registry

Dr Martin Dixon (REUA) /Prof Phil Allmendinger    (REUA)

Ms Emma Hatfield Conveyancing. The move from paper to an electronic system - How to create and sustain a safe and effective system of econveyancing in England and Wales. Dr Martin Dixon
Mr Chris Hooton Evaluating capital project and labour market investments; an analysis of urban regeneration policy evaluation methods in London,Washington and Rio de Janeiro. Prof Peter Tyler (REUA)
Mr Robert Jalali Essays on mortgage designs and their derivatives Prof Colin Lizieri (REUA)
Ms Mo Jia Monetary Policy and Property Prices in China Professor Philip Arestis
Ms Kayla Marie Kingdon-Bebb ‘The Queen’s Law on top of our land’: A  diachronic study of land tenure in K'alii'aksim Lisims, the Nass Valley,  Nisga'a Lands. Dr Paul McHugh (REUA)
Mr  Pawel Krasny Evaluating the social returns of urban interventions Prof  Peter Tyler (REUA)
Mr  Daniyal Labib The  Impact of the Global Financial Crisis on the Eastern European States: Policy  Failures and the Prospects for Better Policies in the Future. Dr Nigel  Allington (REUA) / Prof John  McCombie (REUA/CCEPP)
Ms Lun Liu Modeling Energy Consumption of Non-commute Travel in Large Residential Districts in Inner-Suburbs of Beijing with CA-ABM Dr Elisabete Silva
Mr Xuefeng Liu Modelling the commercial real estate market in Beijing Prof Colin Lizieri (REUA) / Dr Franz Fuerst (REUA)
Mr Christopher Lucas Decision making for stabilisation of a system of money and finance: modelling and  comparison of committees operating with discretion vs automatic policy Prof Philip Arestis (REUA /    CCEPP)
Mr Guilherme Magacho Complementarity  between exports and domestic market in Latin America’s recent growth. Prof  John McCombie (REUA/CCEPP)
Ms Victoria Ormond Banks, Debt Covenants and the Real Estate Sector; from Courtship to Crunchtime Dr Jamie Alcock (REUA)
Mr Edward Oughton The  evolution of the physical internet infrastructure and its impact on the  economic development of cities Prof Peter Tyler (REUA)
Miss Yang Peng Empirical analysis of firms location decision in China Dr Maria Abreu / Prof John McCombie (REUA/CCEPP)
Ms Lauren Quinn Explore and critically evaluate the relationship between vendor and purchaser during the conveyancing process. Dr Martin Dixon and Dr Gerwyn Griffiths
Mr Jose Reis The processes and patterns of growing and shrinking cities.  An emphasis on metrics. Dr Elisabete Silva (REUA)
Mr  Rafael Ribeiro Real exchange rate, structural change and the balance-of-payments constrained growth model Prof John McCombie (REUA/CCEPP)
Mr Joao Romero Structural and Institutional Change as the Engine of Growth under External Constraint: A Theoretical and Empirical Analysis Prof John McCombie    (REUA/CCEPP)
Mr Edward Shepherd Folklores of the Future: Geographies of Ideology in English Town Planning Professor Phil Allmendigner and Mr Kelvin MacDonald
Mr  Fabricio Silveira Patterns of specialization, exchange rate policy and economic development: Theory and empirical application Prof  John McCombie (REUA/CCEPP)
Mr  Nikodem Szumilo What  are the real financial implications of energy efficiency improvements in Real  Estate? An empirical study of the assumptions behind current theories. Dr Franz Fuerst (REUA)
Ms Min Tang Real Estate Market Transparency Dr William Seabrooke (REUA)
Mr  Nat Tharnpanich Increasing  Returns to Scale, Demand-Led Growth, and Spatial Distribution of Economic Activities in Thailand Prof John McCombie (REUA/CCEPP)
Mr Qian Wang The  influence of regulatory plan regulations upon the diversity of urban space. Dr Elisabete Silva (REUA)
Mr Jin Zhao The implications of economic distance for real estate research.

Dr Helen Bao (REUA) / Dr Danilo Igliori