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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Where there is a link on the student's name you can see further info  (e.g. resume, photo, website). 

Name PhD Title Supervisor
Mr Paul Abba Legal Framework and Contemporary Issues in environmental Protection in Mineral Rich Developing Nations in Sub-Saharan Africa: Creating a balance between energy exploitation and environmental Preservation Dr Markus Gehring and Professor Jorge Vinuales
Mr Aleix Altimiras Martin Sustainable economies and closed material cycles. Prof Doug Crawford-Brown (EEP/4CMR)
Ms Claudia Baisini Decisions in Volatile Contexts: Implications for Policy Tony Lawson
(Faculty of  Economics)
Ms Goylette Chami Essays in Empirical Economics of Health, Poverty, and Environment Dr Andreas Kontoleon (EEP) / Dr David Dunne (Dept of Pathology)
Mr Philip Yifeng Chen The Co-Benefit of UK’s Climate Change Mitigation Strategies: Assessment and Application Prof Doung Crawford-Brown (EEP/4CMR)
Mr Shen Gao Challenges of operationalising resilience concepts in practical policy-making Professor David Howarth
Ms Marta De Olazabal Sustainable urban development in times of climate change. Dr Unai Pascual (EEP) / Dr Franz Fuerst (REUA)
Ms Liliana Del Villar Arias The Conservation of Evolution and Evolutionary Processes within International Conservation Law in a Post-CBD Era. Dr Andreas Kontoleon (EEP)
Mr Marco Aurelio Jano Ito Socio-technical analysis of low-carbon energy technologies for Mexico Prof Douglas Crawford Brown (EEP/4CMR)
Miss Anna Keyes The potential effectiveness of a tradable car permit scheme as a policy for rapidly reducing greenhouse gas emissions from the UK private transport sector Prof Douglas Crawford Brown (EEP/4CMR)
Mr Robin Kisby Towards a more environmentally effective, transparent and inclusive carbon market-place: the role of the voluntary carbon makets in promoting sustanable developments Prof Ian Hodge (temporary)
Ms Martina Kunz Environmental Treaty Design: Typology and Effectiveness Professor Jorge Vinuales
Ms Aileen Lam Projections of future global road transport emissions and energy use with a dynamic model of technological change Dr Jean-Francois Mercure and Dr Doug Crawford-Brown
Ms Renata Lemos Examining firm managerial    and organizational choices in response to changes in agricultural value    chains: A case study of the sugarcane sector in Brazil. Dr Andreas Kontoleon (EEP)
Mr Zhaoyang (Leo) Liu An Assessment of the Environmental and Economic Effectiveness of China's Grazing Ban Program Dr Andreas Kontoleon (EEP)
Ms Stella Nordhagen Cultivating crops and comprehension: The role of seeds and information in agricultural    adaptation to climate change. Dr Unai Pascual (EEP) / Prof Ian Hodge (EEP)
Ms Rosalyn Old The take up and use of green technologies on the North West Cambridge development. Dr Doug Crawford-Brown
Ms Rosemary Ostfeld Availability of biomass for use in alternative fuel production in the USA. Mr David Howarth and Dr David Reiner
Ms Padmini Ram A Study of Low Income Housing Experiments in Chhattisgarh, India: Identification of Constraints and Incentives from a New Institutional Economics Perspective. Prof Ian Hodge (EEP)
Mr Pablo Salas Bravo The effects of climate change policy uncertainty  on investment and technological transitions in the energy sector. Prof Douglas Crawford-Brown (EEP/4CMR)
Mr Andrew Skelton The emission impact of the world's largest multinational enterprises and their influence over global abatement efforts. Prof Douglas Crawford-Brown (EEP/4CMR) / Dr Guan Dabo
Ms Margaret Thorley Examining the role of letting agents in  promoting energy efficienty and building retrofits in the private residential  rental  sector in England. Prof Douglas Crawford-Brown (EPP / 4CMR)

Vallejo Bermeo

Alternative Financial Mechanisms for low-income housing Prof Douglas Crawford-Brown (EPP / 4CMR)
Miss Qing Wang The Way Forward - Land Contracts in China Dr Barbara Havel / Prof Ian Hodge (EEP)
Ms Aiora Zabala Rewards for ecosystem services and the adoption of sustainable land use practices in social-ecological systems Dr Unai Pascual (EEP) / Prof Ian Hodge (EEP)