Professor Lindenthal has been lecturing at the Department of Land Economy since 2014. Before joining the University of Cambridge, he worked as a postdoctoral researcher at MIT’s Center for Real Estate and holds a PhD from Maastricht University. 

Professor Lindenthal's research interests are twofold:
First, he analyses the total return to property investments at the asset level and also in the very long-term. By long-term, he means up to half a millenium of rentsprices, and total returns. His second research line focuses on how technology can help to reduce frictions in real estate markets. Applied machine learning techniques, for instance can to utilize high-dimensional “Big(ish)” data from property markets. Put differently, he uses images and other data that are too complex for spreadsheets to better understand property values, household preferences, and decisions made by very human and not always rational agents. 

“The coming year will be exciting for Real Estate Finance at Cambridge”, says Professor Lindenthal. “We will be welcoming four new colleagues to our team. In July, the Centre For Real Estate Research in Cambridge will host one of the largest and most ambitious real estate conferences of the year.”