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Anna Clarke

Anna Clarke

Senior Research Associate Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research (CCHPR)

Housing Policy

Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research
Department of Land Economy
University of Cambridge
19 Silver Street
Cambridge CB3 9EP

Office Phone: 01223 (7)64546


Anna Clarke is a Senior Research Associate who has been at the Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research since 2004. Her research interests include housing need, homelessness, demand for social housing, shared ownership, and welfare reform.

She has recently published work for the Welsh Local Government Association on the impact of housing benefit cuts and the shared accommodation rate for young people, and for the Council for Mortgage Lenders on lenders' views of shared ownership. Her current projects include a study for Lloyds Banking Group looking at the role of SME landlords in the private rented sector, and research into forced moves and evictions for the Joseph Rowntree Foundation.

Her research skills include qualitative research and focus groups, as well as survey research and statistical analysis.

Research Interests

Housing markets and analysis
Social housing
Welfare reform
Shared ownership and intermediate tenures


Other Professional Activities

Member of the Housing Studies Association

Member of the European Network for Housing Researchers working group on Welfare Policy and Social Exclusion

Key Publications

    • Clarke, A, Heywood, A and Williams, P (2016) Shared ownership: Ugly Sister or Cinderella – the role of mortgage lenders in growing the shared ownership market (Council for Mortgage Lenders)

    • Clarke, A (2016) “The Prevalence of Rough Sleeping and Sofa Surfing Amongst Young People in the UK” in Social Inclusion Volume 4 Issue 4

    • Clarke, A, Hamilton, C and Jones, M (2016) The role of housing and housing providers in tackling poverty experienced by young people in the UK: New evidence from housing providers (CCHPR)

    • Clarke, A (2016) “A problem shared” in Welsh Housing Quarterly

    • Clarke, A and Heywood, A (2016) Feasibility study of the prospect of developing a viable housing model for those entitled only to access the shared accommodation rate (Community Housing Cymru and Welsh Local Government Association)

    • Clarke, A, Hill L, Marshall, B, Oxley, M, Pereira, I, Thompson, E and Williams, P (2015) Evaluation of Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy: Final Report (Department for Work and Pensions)

    • Clarke, A, Jones, M, Oxley, M and Udagawa, C (2015) Understanding the likely poverty impacts of the extension of Right to Buy on housing association tenants (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

    • Clarke, A, Hamilton, C, Heywood, A and Udagawa, C (2015) Research on the effect of rent stabilisation measures in London (London Assembly)

    • Clarke, A, Morris, S and Williams, P (2015) How do landlords address poverty? A poverty-focused review of the strategies of local authorities, landlords and letting agents in England (Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

    • Clarke, A, Burgess, G, Morris, S and Udagawa, C (2015) Estimating the scale of youth homelessness in the UK (Centrepoint)

    • Clarke, A, Morris, S, Oxley, M, Udagawa, C and Williams, P (2015) The effects of rent controls on supply and markets (Shelter)

    •   Clarke, A and Williams, P (2014) Supporting households affected by the Benefit Cap: Impact on Local Authorities, local services and social landlords. DWP ad hoc research report no. 12 (Department for Work and Pensions)

    • Clarke, A (2014) Evaluation of Early Support in Essex (The Thomas Pocklington Trust)

    •  Clarke, A, Morris, S and Williams, P (2014) Landlords’ strategies to address poverty and disadvantage Joseph Rowntree Foundation

    •  Clarke, A, Morris, S and Williams, P (2014) Interim Report: Landlords’ written strategies to address poverty and disadvantage (York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

    •  Clarke, A ‘Opinion: Landlords’ need to tackle poverty has never been greater’ (2014) 18th September 2014

    • Clarke, A, Hill, L, Marshall, B, Monk, S, Preira, I, Thomson, E, Whitehead, C and Williams, P (2014) Evaluation of Removal of the Spare Room Subsidy: Interim Report (London: Department for Work and Pensions)

    •  Clarke, A, Morris, S, Udagawa, C and Williams, P (2014) Poverty focused review of housing organisations’ strategic and business plans - Initial Report (York: Joseph Rowntree Foundation)

    • Clarke, A and Monk, S (2013) The role of the private rented sector in preventing homelessness: identifying good practice and the impact of policy change (Oak Foundation)

    • Gray, P, Keenan, M, McAnulty, U, Clarke, A, Monk, S and Tang, C (2013) Research to inform a fundamental review of social housing allocations policy (Belfast: Department for Social Development, Northern Ireland Government)

    • Clarke, A and Heywood, A (2013) Reselling shared ownership properties after improvements (Thames Valley Housing Association)

    • Clarke, A (2013) ‘Share and share alike’ in Inside Housing May 17th 2013

    • CCHPR and Ipsos Mori (2013) Impact of Welfare Reform on Housing Associations – 2012 Baseline Report (National Housing Federation)

    • Williams, P, Clarke, A and Whitehead, C  (2013) Intended and unintended consequences? A case study survey of housing associations and welfare reforms (National Housing Federation)

    • Clarke, A and Burgess, G (2013) Mapping the number of extra housing units needed for young people (Centrepoint)

    • Clarke, A and Udagawa, C (2012) Analysis of the Private Rented Sector in Richmond-upon-Thames and surrounding areas (Richmond Housing Partnership)

    • Clarke, A and Heywood, A (2012)  Understanding the second-hand market for shared ownership properties (Thames Valley Housing Association)

    • Clarke, A and Monk, S (2012) Rural Housing at a time of Economic Change (London: Commission for Rural Communities)

    • Clarke, A (2012) ‘Housing Need in the United Kingdom: Its Definition, Role, and Measurement’ in Susan J. Smith, Marja Elsinga, Lorna Fox O'Mahony, Ong Seow Eng, Susan Wachter, editors. International Encyclopedia of Housing and Home, Vol [x]. Oxford: Elsevier; 2012. p. [a]-[b].

    • Clarke, A (2012) Under-occupation and Housing Benefit Reform: Four local case studies (Housing Futures Network)

    • Clarke, A and Williams, P (2011) Under-occupation and the New Policy Framework (Housing Futures Network)

    • Clarke, A  and Monk, S (2011) ‘Residualisation of the social rented sector: some new  evidence’ International  Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis      
    • Clarke, A (2011)  Cost effectiveness of lighting adaptations: A report for the  Pocklington Trust (Thomas Pocklington Trust)       
    • Monk,  S, Clarke, A and Lyall Grant, F (2011)  Providing the evidence base for local  housing need and demand assessments (London: Shelter)       
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      document and executive summary) Housing Corporation       
    • Understanding  the demographic, spatial and economic impacts on future affordable housing  demand: Executive Summary and Source Document Anna Clarke, Alex Fenton, Alan  Holmans, Michael Jones, Sanna Markkanen, Sarah Monk and Christine Whitehead.  Cambridge Centre for Housing and Planning Research, Department of Land Economy,  University of Cambridge. The Housing Corporation. January 2008.       
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