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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics


Real Estate and Urban Economics 
Land and Housing Policies
Behavioural Economics
Household Finance

ESRC - NSFC Grant: Nudging towards a better financial future: applying behavioural insights in the development of financial systems in rural China (2017 – 2021)

2021-2022 Lincoln Institute of Land Policy International Fellowship


Key publications: 

Li, L., & Xia, F. (2022). Wandering in the gray: The pricing of housing restricted by land use regulation in Beijing, ChinaLand Use Policy115, 106045.

Li, L., Bao, H. X., & Chau, K. W. (2022).  On the Strategic Timing of Sales by Real Estate Developers: To Wait or To Presell?The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, forthcoming.

Li, L. & Wan, X.W. (2021). The Effect of Expected Losses on the Hong Kong Property Market. The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics, 1-30. 

Li, L., Wan, X.W., & He, S.J. (2021).  The Heightened ‘Security Zone’ Function of Gated Communities: Evidence from Beijing, China. Land, 10(9), 983.

Li, L., Bao, H. X., & Robinson, G.M. (2020). The Return of State Control and Its Impact on Land Market Efficiency in Urban China. Land Use Policy, 99, 104878.

Li, L., & Chau, K. W. (2019). What Motivates a Developer to Sell before Completion?The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics59(2), 209-232.

Bao, H. X., Li, L., & Lizieri, C. (2019). City profile: Chongqing (1997–2017)Cities94, 161-171.

Wong, S. K., Li, L., & Monkkonen, P. (2019). How do Developers Price New Housing in a Highly Oligopolistic City?International Real Estate Review22(3), 307-331.


Working Paper

Li, L., & Chau, K. W. "Information Asymmetry with Heterogeneous Buyers and Sellers in the Housing Market"

Li, L., & Wan, L. “Understanding the Spatial Impact of COVID-19: New insights from Beijing after one year into post-lockdown recovery” 

Li, L., Li, S.Y., & Luo, D.M. "Gender Differences in Stock Market Participation: Evidence from Chinese Households"

Bao, H. X., Lizieri, C., & Li, L. “Informational Intervention in Mobile Banking Adoption: Evidence from a Randomized Field Experiment” 

Teaching and Supervisions


Paper 6 Fundamentals of Finance and Investment

RM02 Further Topics in Quantitative Methods 

RE02 Real Estate Finance and Investment


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