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Department of Land Economy

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Hengwei Wang is a lecturer at Southwest University, China. She is currently a Visiting Scholar under the supervision of Professor Helen Xiaohui Bao at the Land Economy Department, Cambridge University.

The focus of her research includes: Study on Land Carrying Capacity Evaluation and Planning Regulation Mechanism in Rapidly Industrialization Area; the Spatial Differentiation of Land Carrying Capacity in Rapidly Urbanized Area-a Case Study of Dongguan City, Guangdong Province; Space–time Indicators in Interdependent Urban–environmental Systems: A Study on the Huai River Basin in China; Spatial-temporal Differentiation of Land Resources Carrying Capacity --A Case study of Hunan Province, China.

Hengwei has also hosted numerous research projects, including:

(1)Principle investigator: “rural-urban migrant's housing choice and the influence factors of their housing disparities in Chongqing”, funding of Peking University-Lincoln Land Policy Institute, 2019-2020.

(2)Principle investigator: “Research on the Reform Mode and Path of the Market-oriented Allocation of Rural Collective-owned Construction Land in Chongqing under the Background of Rural Revitalization Strategy, Project Funding for Chongqing Social Science Planning2019-2021.

(3)Principle investigator: “Land Capacity Evaluation and Development Strategy Research in Rapidly Urbanizing Regions”, China Postdoctoral science Foundation, 2014-2017.

(4)Principle investigator: “Study on Land Use Planning Regulation Mechanism”, Fundamental Research Funds for the Central Universities ,2014-2017.

(5)Co-investigator: “Environmental Performance of Polycentric Urban Development in Cities on the Flatland and Mountainous Area: the Case of Chengdu and Chongqing”, NSFC, 2018-2021.

(6)Co-investigator: “The Impact of Rural Labor Emigration on Cultivated Land Protection in Mountainous Area and its Mechanism: Taking Wuling Mountain Area as an Example”, NSFC, 2017-2019.


Land use planning

Land use policy

Land resources management

Housing policy

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Supervisor - Professor Helen Xiaohui Bao

 Hengwei  Wang

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