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Ada started her career as a transport and development journalist in Hong Kong, where she is from. The job inspired her to pursue an MPhil in Environmental Policy at the Department of Land Economy in 2014. After finishing her studies, she returned to Hong Kong to work as a research assistant at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. She came back to Cambridge for her PhD in 2018, studying under Professor Phil Allmendinger and Mr Kelvin MacDonald. She is a recipient of the Hong Kong Scholarship for Excellence, Chevening Scholarship and Hong Kong Jockey Club Scholarship, among other awards.


Ada's PhD examines land-related struggles in Hong Kong and asks how we can re-imagine the city's urban future amid a tightening political space. Influenced by her journalistic experience, she is also intersted in the aspects of communicaiton and engagement in planning. 


Key publications: 

Newspaper Representation and Power Relations in Infrastructure Projects: A Case Study of Hong Kong’s Express Rail Link, with Dr Elisabete A Silva of  University of Cambridge, in journal International Planning Studies; DOI: 10.1080/13563475.2016.1254600 (2016)

Smog Fight—Experience from London and Los Angeles, with Dr Chao Ren of the Chinese University of Hong Kong, in book Urban Ventilation Assessment and Wind Corridor Plan: Creating Breathing Cities (In Chinese) (2016)

Other publications: 

Writer and editor of the HKGBC Guidebook on Urban Microclimate Study, published in 2017

Articles written for the South China Morning Post can be found here:

Teaching and Supervisions


Ada supervises undergraduate students in Paper 10 (The Built Environment) and Paper 14 (Planning Policy and Practice), and MPhil students in PGR02 (Urban and Housing Policy).

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