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Department of Land Economy

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Professor Jie Liu has carried out research on the formation mechanism of urban disaster risk management (including vulnerability, resilience and adaptability). Her research has been published in many international journals, such as Water Resources Management, Land Use Policy and Natural Hazards.

The focus of her research includes: human vulnerability analysis of the extreme rainfall event in Beijing, differential analysis of human vulnerability between urban and rural areas to earthquake disasters, the effect of land-use changes on urban exposure to waterlogging disasters, the community recovery to 2008 Wenchuan earthquake, the impact of land-use changes on urban vulnerability to waterlogging disasters.

Jie has also hosted numerous research projects, including: National Natural Science Foundation and Humanity and Social Science Project of Ministry of Education of China, Fundamental Research Funded Project of Central University, and China Postdoctoral Science Foundation Funded Project. The focus of these research is about: (1) The Measurement Model of Urban Disaster Resistant Ability to Respond to Waterlogging Disaster and its Dynamic Evolution Mechanism, which has taken some pilot cites of the sponge city as the research objects, researched on the integrated quantitative analysis of urban disaster resistant ability, and built the concept and measurement model of urban disaster resistant ability. (2) Research on the Formation Mechanism and Dynamic Evolution Process of the Urban System to Waterlogging Disaster, which has drown the distribution maps of urban disaster resistant ability, and discussed the impact of formation mechanism and spatial pattern of urban disaster resistance ability on its dynamic evolution mechanism. (3) Research on the measurement of dynamic resilience of urban traffic network to waterlogging disaster, which has built the conceptual framework and measurement model of the urban resilience to earthquake disasters. (4) Optimization Decisions of Improving the Waterlogging Disaster Resilience of Urban Road Transportation Networks. She is a reviewer of some international journals, such as Water Resources Management, Journal of Housing and the Built Environment, International Journal of emergence of Risk Reduction, Natural Hazards, etc.


Vulnerability Measurement, Flood Hazard, Land-use Change, Recovery Process of Community After Earthquake, Vulnerability of Flood-prone Road Network, Dynamic Resilience of Road Links

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Supervisor - Professor Helen Xiaohui Bao

 Jie  Liu

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