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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics


PhD student at the Dept of Land Economy and a member of Churchill College. She holds an MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration from the Dept of Land Economy, University of Cambridge. She is exploring the integration of complexity theory, urban data analytics and smart city, with a special focus on smart transport. Her research interests cover urban data analytics, machine learning, and smart transport governance.


Summary of Research Interests

Planning support system; data analytics; urban (re)growth and shrinkage; smart city; urban complexity


Supervisors and Advisor

Dr Elisabete Silva & Dr Jose Reis

Start Date

Michaelmas 2018

End Date



Teaching and Research Experience

  • Mphil Supervision, Spatial Analysis and Modelling (RM03), Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge (2019-2020)

  • Mphil Supervision, Urban and environmental policy (PGR01), Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge (2019-2020)

  • MPhil Demonstration, Mixed research methods (RM01), Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge (2018-2019)

Key publications: 

Full papers published in peer review journals:

Chen, Y.Silva, E.A. and Reis, J., (2020) Measuring policy debate in a regrowing city by sentiment analysis using online media data: a case study of Leipzig 2030, Regional Science Policy & Practice

Book Chapter:

Silva, E.A., Liu, L., Kwon, H.R., Niu, H. and Chen, Y., 2020. Hard and soft data integration in geocomputation: mixed methods for data collection and processing in urban planning. In Handbook of Planning Support Science. Edward Elgar Publishing.

Silva, E.A., Liu, L., Kwon, H.R., Niu, H., Chen, Y., and J. Reis. 2021. What's new in urban data analytics? In Applied Data Analysis for Urban Planning and Management. SAGE Publishing.

 Yiqiao  Chen

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