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Department of Land Economy

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Real Estate Finance

Corporate Finance



Key publications: 

Ataullah, A., Coleman, S., Le, H.,  & Wang, Z. (2023). Social Capital, Environmental Justice and Carcinogenic Waste Releases: US County-level Evidence (1998-2019). Regional Studies, Forthcoming. (ABS 4)


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Fuerst, F., Mansley, N., & Wang, Z. (2021). Do specialist funds outperform? Evidence from European non-listed real estate funds. Research in International Business and Finance58, 101434. (ABS 2) – won Nick Tyrrell’s 2021 Prize


Zhang, W., Sun, T., Ma, Y., & Wang, Z. (2021). CONTENT OF IMPLIED VOLATILITY OF S&P 500: MODEL-FREE VERSUS MODEL-BASED. Romanian Journal of Economic Forecasting24(1), 109. (ABS 1)


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Banerji, S., Ventouri, A., & Wang, Z. (2014). The sovereign spread in Asian emerging economies: The significance of external versus internal factors. Economic Modelling, 36 566-576. (ABS 2)

Other publications: 


Selected funded research projects

Real Estate in a Mixed-Asset Portfolio: The Impact of Market Uncertainty and Uncertainty Aversion. The European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA), 2021.

Long-term value methodologies in real estate lending analysis.Investment Property Forum (IPF), 2020

Performance of specialist funds versus generalists funds. The European Association of Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles (INREV), 2018

Managing Currency risk in real estate investment.Investment Property Forum (IPF), 2018

Currency risk management for investors in Asia Pacific non-listed real estate funds.The Asian Association of Investors in Non-listed Real Estate Vehicles (ANREV), 2018

Accessing Size Effect and Economies of Scale in European Real Estate Companies, European Public Real Estate Association (EPRA) 2017



Teaching and Supervisions


RM02 – Further topics in quantitative methods

Zilong is interested in supervising new PhD students in real estate finance.

Dr Zilong  Wang

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