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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Dr Daria Denti is a Post‐doctoral Research Officer, Department of Geography and the Environment, The London School of Economics

Sexual  crimes  against  women  are  severely  under-reported  to  the  police, allowing for impunity of perpetrators. Observers suggest that a stimulus  towards  reporting  the  crime  comes  from  nearby  support  services for victims of sexual offences ‐like refuges and advisors. Still, the evidence about the effects of nearby support on the reporting of sexual  crimes  remains  scattered  and  mainly  qualitative.  This  paper  provides quantitative evidence on this effect, by exploiting the uneven geography of local support services which resulted in the UK after the introduction of the austerity program. Findings highlight a positive net effect  of  the  provision  of  local  support  services  on  the  victims’  propensity to report. The positive effect holds also in the aftermath of a  space‐neutral  high‐impact  media  campaign  empowering  women  to  report  sexual  violence.  This  evidence  relates  to  relevant  policy implication,  given  that  in  some  countries  the  austerity‐driven  cuts to  public  budgets  have  reduced  and  dispersed  the  local  availability  of support  services,  making  digital  support  and/or  helpline  the  only  available options in many places.


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