Dr Ellen Quigley has won a prestigious FT Responsible Business Education Award.

Dr Quigley, who is co-director of Finance for Environmental and Social Systemic Change at the Department of Land Economy, won the award for the 'Purpose of Finance' course at the Judge Business School. The course was developed and is taught by Dr Quigley in conjunction with David Pitt-Watson, and is offered to MFin and MBA students at the Judge Business School.

Quigley and Watson commented,

"The course departs from the conventional neoclassical approach to finance, which often treats environmental and social sustainability issues as add-ons. Instead, the Cambridge programme starts by exploring the purpose of the finance industry and scrutinises how well it fulfils this purpose ­— especially in the context of sustainability challenges such as climate change"

Banner image © Mariya Borisova/Moment via Getty Images