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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

For frequently asked questions about the admissions process, from considering applying to when your application will be decided or how to apply for funding, please visit the Graduate Admissions Website.

If you have questions about immigration or visa issues please contact the International Student Office.

For questions specifically about the MSt in Real Estate please check here



Q. Am I required to have a degree in a particular subject to be eligible to apply?

We do not require any particular undergraduate degree and our students come from various educational backgrounds. However, we expect our applicants to have some knowledge of subjects relevant to course which they are applying for. Such knowledge may be from previous study or work experience.

Q. Will additional qualifications (such as previous masters qualifications) be considered?

Yes. Mark transcripts should be provided for all previous or ongoing courses as far as they are available. Mark transcripts should show consistent academic excellence.

Q. Can I apply if I do not have work experience?

While work experience is not required for MPhil courses, it is considered a strong attribute in assessing applications. We welcome relevant work experience in

  • economics, law, environmental policy, conservation, public policy and administration (for the MPhil in Environmental Policy)
  • in any aspect of local economic development and planning (for the MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration)
  • real estate, banking, investment, finance or related areas (for the MPhil in Real Estate Finance)

Students applying for The MSt in Real Estate part time masters programme will typically be expected to have a minimum of three years work experience in a relevant industry: in finance, investment, law, real estate and the more general built environment professions.   For further information see the online prospectus:

Q. Do I need to provide a CV?

Yes you are required to provide your CV for any of our MPhil programmes and our PhD course. 
Applicants for the MSt in Real Estate are required to provide their CV.

Q. Do I need to provide GRE/GMAT Scores?

GRE/GMAT is not listed among the required documents and it is not compulsory for applicants to take any of these tests in order to apply. However, some candidates choose to provide their GRE/GMAT results among their supporting documents. If you choose to do so, please do not send your official tests scores to the Department by post. It will be sufficient to scan you result and upload it to your self-service account together with the rest of your documents.

Q. What if my references do not arrive by the specified deadline?

The Department does not consider an application until all required supporting documents, including both references are received.  Delay in supplying your supporting documents will therefore delay consideration of your application.  The Graduate Admissions Office gives a certain period (please see Graduate Admissions) from submission of the application form for supplying supporting documentation.  After a period of inactivity applications may automatically be withdrawn.  You are advised to contact your referees in advance to give them warning that they will be asked to provide a reference to support your application.

Q. I have been in full-time employment and have not studied recently. Will the University accept references from my employer?

You will need to provide your first reference from a member of the academic staff from the most recent higher education course you have undertaken and your second reference from your employer or another person who can testify to your academic ability in a formal context.

For the MSt in Real Estate you are required to provide one academic and one professional reference.  Where this is not possible then two professional references may be accepted.  See the prospectus entry for further details:

Q. Do you offer part-time masters degrees or distance-learning?

The Department do offer a part-time masters programme, the Master of Studies in Real Estate (MSt).  This is a 2 year, part-time masters course which is designed for those students who wish to continue their professional career whilst studying for a Cambridge masters degree.  The course combines distance learning with attendance at residential sessions.  For more details see the graduate online prospectus or information on the Land Economy website.

All the Land Economy MPhil degrees are intensive, full-time degrees and candidates are required to be resident in Cambridge for the duration of their studies and are required to keep term as part of the conditions of their University course.

Land Economy does offer a part-time route to the PhD, but this is not a route to distance learning and the Department will only accept a small number of students for part-time study.  Candidates are still required to visit Cambridge at least twice a term and the process for application is slightly different. See PhD.  Students who require a visa to study in the UK are unlikely to be able to secure a visa for part time study

Q. Which College should I apply to? Will my choice of College affect my chances of getting into Land Economy?

Choosing a College

We are unable to give advice about which College you should apply to. We would recommend that you have a good look at the different Colleges and decide where you think you would be happiest.  This is a personal choice according to your circumstances, likes and interests. There is no special advantage to you applying to one College over another. Each year the numbers of applicants to each College is different and the number of students studying Land Economy in each College is different.

For those students who are interested in applying for the Masters in Real Estate (MSt) there is further information about college membership on our website under Masters in Real Estate.

Further details of the Cambridge colleges can be found on the University website or individual college websites.

Q. Will I need to attend an interview?

The Department does not usually interview candidates for its MPhil courses. MSt applicants may require an interview depending on their individual circumstances.  PhD applicants (both part-time and full-time) are interviewed by their potential supervisors before they can be accepted by the Department.

Q. I have accepted a conditional offer for a Land Economy course. When will I receive more details about the course and a reading list?

Course details and reading lists are usually sent by email to confirmed students in August/September.  It is extremely important that you notify both the Department and the Board of Graduate Studies of any changes to your active email address so that you can be contacted regarding your course without any delay.  Most problems with contacts occur when students have completed a course at another academic institution by June/July or have left their employment and have not updated their contact details. Please change your contact details via your self-service page.