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The University launched its five-year travel and transport strategy in 2019.

The aims of the strategy include:

  • Working with local transport providers and local government to improve public transport 
  • Improving cycling infrastructure and facilities to support cycling via initiatives such as the Pool Bike scheme and Dr Bike maintenance sessions
  • Working towards 100% electrification of the University’s vehicle fleet by 2030, and electrification of the Universal bus service from 2021
  • Reviewing our approach to car parking permits to make sure these are managed consistently and transparently across the University, and are allocated to the people who need them most


National and international business travel can play a key part in academic, research and education objectives at the University of Cambridge. However, in 2018/19, carbon emissions from business travel were roughly equivalent to emissions from gas used for space and water heating across the University estate (Environmental Sustainability Report 2019)


The University lead by the Sustainability Team is now carrying out a consultation with staff and students to gain feedback on a new draft Sustainable Business Travel Policy.

Here in Land Economy, we had already started looking at the possibility of reducing our carbon emissions through implementation of a departmental travel policy, and you may remember we started with a couple of questions about travel in our Excellence Project Survey last year.  Unfortunately, the Excellence Project has been shelved for now, but the data is still insightful.  For example (although the sample of responses was disappointingly low) it was clear that as a department we do not make a significantly high number of flights, and if we do, they are legitimately for overseas conference attendance and course/research related field trips.

Going forward it would still be good to draft some formal departmental guidance on travel and especially flights to reduce our carbon emissions, but for now all staff and students are encouraged to consider prioritising use of sustainable travel where possible.  For example, when booking business travel (e.g. to attend a conference) academic staff are encouraged to select the 'Greenest' option when booking tickets via the University's preferred travel service provider Key Travel.  There is also the option to choose carbon neutral hotel accommodation.

We also encourage all staff and students to complete the University's annual travel survey in the Michaelmas Term.

In the department we are lucky because our building is centrally located with good travel links by bus, bike and on foot.  Lack of car parking encourages staff to travel more sustainably by default, and secure bike sheds provide ample storage space.  Bicycle repair kit and tools are available to all staff to fix broken bikes, and details of the University's regular Bike Maintenance workshops can be found HERE

We are also on the Unibus route with stops in both directions outside the Queens' College entrance.

Full Unibus and other bus service information can be found HERE.

For the latest travel information go to the Sustainability Team's dedicated webpages:  Travel

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