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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics
Department offers Experience Cambridge to Sixth Form Students

The Department of Land Economy offered academic taster sessions to sixth form students from around the country through the Experience Cambridge programme.

This month marked the conclusion of the 2016 Experience Cambridge programme, a unique educational opportunity for sixth form students from across the country. This year, the Department of Land Economy participated in Experience Cambridge by offering its own academic sessions to a group of 15 sixth form students.

On July 6, the Department welcomed the group of students to Cambridge, introducing them to the foundations of Land Economy and proposing a unique project that allowed participants to explore the different aspects of the Land Economy degree. The participants then had three weeks to work on this project, exploring resources and sharing ideas through a Moodle page monitored by the Department. Finally, participants returned to Cambridge for a final day of events, including presenting the results of their work and hearing feedback.

The project was designed by Rosalyn Old, a PhD student within the Department whose research concerns the use of green technologies in the new North West Cambridge development. In order to bring together the wide array of subjects considered within Land Economy, the project asked participants to imagine that they worked for a new development just outside of Cambridge. Due to concerns about this hypothetical development, participants needed to research a variety of issues, including the economics of property resale, environmental concerns regarding a rare species living in the area, and land law issues.

The Experience Cambridge initiative is run by the Cambridge Office of Admissions, and aims to provide an introduction to a variety of academic subjects for those students who qualified for the Sutton Trust Summer School, but were unable to gain a place due to space constraints. Please see the University’s website for more information on Experience Cambridge and the Sutton Trust Summer Schools.