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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

2013 Cambridge-Renmin Academic Exchange Activities of Land Economy and Management

ERSC Funded Trip to China List of AttendantsLed by Prof Philip Allmendinger, Prof Colin Lizieri, Dr. Martin Dixon, Dr. Helen Bao, and Ms Marina Ballard, 12 Land Economy PhD students visited China from 10 to 16 September 2013.  The trip is an ESRC funded project to establish sustainable academic links with universities in China. The trip consists of academic exchange activities in Huazhong University of Science and Technology in Wuhan, Renmin University of China and Peking University in Beijing , and filed trips to two real estate development projects in Beijing.  Students had the opportunities to meet their peers in China, to explore research collaboration opportunities with researchers in top Chinese universities, and to experience the ‘real China’.  

Inspired by the trip, PhD student Edward Oughton published an article on Broadband Development in China with the East Asian Forum (“Connecting China’s Broadband Ambitions to Development”, October 3rd, 2013).  

 [The article] would not have been possible had I not had the opportunity to visit China. 

- Edward Oughton.

Following the visit to an energy efficient development in China, Nikodem Szumilo is working with the Department and the Chinese developer to set up an ambitious research project on the value premium of sustainable properties in China.

The trip has been an amazing experience and an unparalleled opportunity to develop myself on multiple levels. My research will definitely benefit from new ideas and concepts which resulted from the interaction with academics from a different background and culture.

- Nikodem Szumilo

The trip was also sponsored by the Cambridge University Land Society (CULS). 

Symposium on Land Economics and Urbanization (Peking University)

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