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New Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Law, edited by Dr Lees and Professor Viñuales, is published by Oxford University Press

Dr E. Lees and Prof. J. E. Viñuales have just published the new Oxford Handbook of Comparative Environmental Law (Oxford University Press, 2019), 1328p.

The volume brings together over 50 authors from around the world, including some of the most prominent authorities on different countries and topics, to analyse environmental law as a key technology to tackle the daunting environmental challenges the world faces today. The handbook is the result of genuinely collaborative work, with all contributors working under the same common conceptual framework to clarify the architecture of environmental law.

It is the first comprehensive statement of comparative environmental law which has been produced. It combines conceptual and legal analysis proper of over 50 countries, with 16 in-depth country/jurisdiction studies, hundreds of laws, regulations and judicial decisions, and a transversal comparative analysis of 10 key environmental problems (atmospheric pollution, water, biodiversity, energy and climate change, chemicals, waste, etc.) and 10 policy intervention instruments (from command-and-control, to information, to market mechanisms, to liability systems).

The handbook builds upon important previous attempts since the late 1960s at charting environmental law, mostly in the form of collections of foreign law studies, topical studies, comparisons of specific countries and/or institutions, or studies with regional scope.

It is intended to provide a starting-point to understand the strengths but also the significant limitations of our current legal technology, and to thereby offer a platform for the improvement of our knowledge and practice of environmental policy.