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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics
Professor J. E. Vinuales co-authors a new textbook on International Environmental Law.

International Environmental Law, by Pierre-Marie Dupuy and Jorge E. Vinuales, published by Cambridge University Press, April 2015.


This textbook provides a concise, conceptually clear and legally rigorous introduction to contemporary international environmental law and practice. Written in an accessible style, the book covers all the major multilateral environmental agreements, paying particular attention to their underlying structure, their main legal provisions and their practical operation.

The material is structured into four parts: Part I – Foundations, Part II – Substantive Regulation, Part III – Implementation and Part IV – International Environmental Law as a Perspective. The presentation of the material blends policy and legal analysis and makes extensive reference to the relevant treaties, instruments and jurisprudence.

All chapters include a detailed bibliography, along with numerous figures to summarise the main components of the regulation and ensure that readers do not lose sight of the ‘forest’ while focusing on the ‘trees’.