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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

The 19th BIOECON conference on “Evidence-based environmental policies and the optimal management of natural resources” was co-hosted by the Department of Land Economy between 20-22 September 2017 in Tilburg (the Netherlands).

The event was attended by over 120 delegates working on the economics of biodiversity conservation both from academia and the policy world. Plenary speakers were Prof John List (University of Chicago) and Professor Martin Quass (University of Kiel). Two special policy panels were held, one on ‘Resource scarcity, resilience and collective action’ (sponsored by the World Bank) and the other on ‘Sustainable Development Goals on the Road to Sustainability’ (sponsored by United Nations-Environment). The event concluded with the a valedictory address by Prof. Aart de Zeeuw which made this year’s BioEcon conference a particularly special event. Prof de Zeeuw has been one of the leading figures in the field of environmental economics and we were immensely pleased to be able to combine BioEcon with his farewell address before he heads into retirement. Full details of the conference can be found at: