It provides information that will hopefully be useful to visitors when they first arrive in Cambridge and to help with the process of orientation and settling into life on the collegiate campus.

However, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic health and safety restrictions are in place at the department building until further notice.



Land Economy Department Landscape


The Department

The Department of Land Economy is housed in a row of terraced buildings on Silver Street close to the centre of Cambridge.  All the Department’s administrative offices are located on this site and most staff members also have offices here.  The Reception and main access to the department buildings is via the entrance to 19 Silver Street. The Reception is curently only open Wednesday to Friday, and access is only available with an activated University ID card - visitors needing to request a card should contact the Visiting Scholar Coordinator.

Visiting Scholars MUST sign in and out each time they visit the Department and follow all health and safety guidance.

IT Computing and Printing/Copying Facilities

On arrival in the department (in-person or virtually) Visiting Scholars are set-up with a University IT account and "Raven" email address/password.  The Department's IT Officer will set this up and provide support.  Once you have received your Cambridge email address you are requested to provide it to the Visiting Scholar Coordinator to enable further communication.

There is wireless connection in much of Cambridge, and laptops cannot be connected to the internet by cable.

The Common Room and Kitchen

The Department’s Common Room is situated in the basement of House 21 and is a comfortable, quiet space for visitors to work and relax in.  Ordinarily, visitors are welcome to make use of the microwave and kettle and to store food in the fridge located in the kitchen beside the Common Room. However, due to the ongoing covid situation health and safety restrictions are in place and must be adhered to.

Visitors should note that for fire safety reasons no other cooking devices of any nature are permitted in the Department.  This includes: toasters, grills and microwaves. Kettles are permitted provided they are positioned on a sensible, stable surface and are positioned away from other electric devices.

Seeley Historical Library



Visiting Scholars can have access and membership to many of the University’s Libraries.

However, due to the ongoing COVID pandemic restrictions, access and opening hours are limited.  Check the webpage of each individual library for the latest information.

The Land Economy Library

The Sociology and Land Economy book/journal collection (formerly known as the SPS Library) is now housed as part of the Seeley Historical Library

The Land Economy collection can be found HERE

The University Library

The University Library is situated in West Road about a 15-minute walk from the Department.

The library is currently operating a zero-contact service, but Visiting Scholars can still apply for membership – application details can be found HERE

Other libraries that visitors may want to use:

The Judge  Business School Library

The Squire Law Library

The Marshall Library at the Faculty of Economics

Cambridge Lecture Theatre


Land Economy Lectures and Seminars

Details of all activities, seminars etc to be given in the University are published once a term in the University’s journal – The  Reporter

Visitors can request access (via their Raven account) to “Moodle” the University’s online teaching platform that contains all current and previous course details.  For access please email the IT Officer via

Visitors are welcome to attend any lectures which are of interest to them.  However, as a matter of courtesy they are requested to make themselves known to the lecturer prior to the commencement of the lecture.

The Department also runs its own seminar series during term time.  These are usually held on a weekly basis and details circulated by email.

Most other Departments/Faculties advertise their seminars on their own websites. Updated seminar lists are often circulated to members of Land Economy.  By providing the Department with their Cambridge email address visitors can ensure that they also receive these notices.

Silver Street


Wellbeing Wednesday and Land Economy does Coffee etc.

The Department also organises regular staff/student networking events and Visiting Scholars are encouraged to attend these to help integrate into the department.  Each week a Wellbeing focussed email is circulated to all staff featuring ideas and articles to help support everyone’s mental and physical wellbeing.  Another regular event is “LE does Coffee” an informal catch-up meeting (either in-person or online) for everyone to connect with each other.  Details are emailed to visitors by the Visiting Scholar Coordinator.

Cambridge hoodie


Newcomers & Visiting Scholars

Newcomers & Visiting Scholars is a university volunteer-run group which runs regular activities, groups and events aiming to “make your time with the University of Cambridge the best it can be.”  Events for visitors and their families include weekly coffee mornings, practical advice on a variety of matters from local services to language courses.

The University’s website has lots of useful information for those visiting Cambridge