Here is a list of our current Visiting Scholars

Firstname Lastname Research Proposal Title
Katri Nousiainen Legal Design and Ethics in Commercial Contracts
Qianyu Zhao Urbanization and Land Transfer in China: Interaction and Benefit Allocation
Sudan Zhao Analysis of Interrelationships among the Elements of Chinese Rural Poverty Alleviation
Mengyao Han Investment models, geographical deployment and strategies portfolios and the related knock-on environmental and ecological effects of renewable energy investment in developing countries
Wei Zhang How does the double-edged sword of industrial policy work in periphery regions? — a case study on medical industry in China
Zhenyu  Kang The influence of two-way FDI on China’s industrial development
Enjia Zhang Inward Expansion: The Impact of Information and Communication Technology on the Penetration of Urban Recreational Services
Hugo Pascal The legal aspects of the geopolitics of the energy transition
Lin Zhou Social capital, trust and cooperation performance in rural China
Sven Gruener The association of crises and information avoidance
Waqas Ahmed Intercultural peacekeeping strategies:  Gaming as a deliberative space
Edith Kuiper Dynamic system theory and feminist economic analysis
Donggyun Ku Planning support systems for net-zero urban transport
Sarah Down Key dimensions of Māori legal claims to freshwater
Yoshinori Sumiya The collaborative relationships between business, government and academia in the management of BIDs (Business Improvement Districts)
Orkun Saka Istabul or Constantinople? Evidence from a natural experiment on the benefits and costs of political misalignment