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One reason we as a department were awarded Platinum for Green Impact in 2020 was because we were particularly successful in promoting sustainable procurement initiatives.

Catering both for internal meetings and external events is sourced in line with the University's Sustainable Food Policy, which is championed by our award-winning University Catering Service.

Before our department building was closed in March 2020 due to the Coronavirus lockdown, we ran frequent awareness campaigns about sustainable food including our popular "No Packaging" Bring and Share Lunch.  Staff and students were encouraged to bring in and share homemade dishes or locally sourced food.  Unfortnately, as the building is still locked down we have been unable to host in-person events like these, but encourage staff to consider using sustainable suppliers at home.

No Packaging Lunch

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Another sustainable procurement initiative we wholly endorse within the department is WARPit  the University's free, online tool open to all University of Cambridge members. Upload and find equipment, furniture and other items that are unwanted by their current owners, and take them to your own department. Avoid procurement costs or the cost of a skip, as well as negative environmental impact from waste. WarpIt is an online marketplace to help redistribute resources legally and conveniently within the University for free. It is designed to make it easy for staff to find others with spare items - reducing procurement spend. It also helps staff who are disposing of “stuff” to find new owners - saving on waste disposal costs.

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