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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

There are numerous offices involved in processing and managing your application to study at Cambridge. A detailed process map of how the selection process works and how your application will be considered is available here.

Notification of outcome

Applications for our Masters courses (MPhil and MSt) are reviewed in batches throughout the applications cycle.  However, the Department is subject to restrictions on the number of offers it can make for these courses and whilst in some cases a decision on an application will be made following the first review, in a large number of cases an application will be held for re-consideration at a later stage.  This may mean that a decision on your application is not taken until after the closing date for applications to the course.

The Department will not communicate its decision on your application to you directly. Once a decision has been taken the result will appear on your CamSiS Self-Service page. 

More information on CamSiS Self-Service

Conditional offers

If your application is successful and you are made a conditional offer you will be able to access the details of your offer and what you need to do in order to confirm your place via your Self-Service page.  We strongly advise students who are made an offer to regularly check their Self-Service account.  If you do receive an offer, you are advised to meet the conditions made as soon as possible.  This is particularly important if you require a visa to study in the UK.