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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics


Both core and optional MPhil modules are reviewed on an annual basis.  This review may lead to either a change to the core and/or optional modules offered on a particular MPhil course.  Modules may be rescinded permanently or withdrawn on a temporary basis at any time.

Any information provided on Land Economy modules offered and their content is therefore subject to change and provided as guidance only to assist applicants with their choice of course.  Reading lists are also provided for information purposes only and do not constitute a final or definitive list. 

More information on Land Economy Research
More information on SSRMC Research Methods Training

M.Phil in Land Economy Research 2020-2021

All available modules for this course are as given below.  Candidates for this degree must complete a Research Methods essay set by the Department, two Land Economy options and a compulsory dissertation of 20,000 words.  Each candidate's course of study will be subject to the approval of the Degree Committee. Each candidate's course of study will be subject to the approval of the Degree Committee.  The Committee reserves the right to withdraw modules if there is insufficient demand or in the event of exceptional circumstances.  The availability of modules will be subject to timetabling constraints.

Research methods training

Six modules from the Social Science Research Methods Centre (SSRMC) Training Programme

(Michaelmas and Lent Terms)

 Two modules from the following to be examined by essay or project in all cases (Michaelmas or Lent)

RE01 Corporate finance and real estate (Michaelmas and Lent Term) (2 units)
RE02 Real estate finance and investment (Michaelmas and Lent Term) (2 units)
PGR01 Urban and environmental planning (Michaelmas and Lent Term) (2 units)
PGR02 Urban and housing policy (Michaelmas and Lent Term) (2 units)
EP01 International environmental law (Michaelmas and Lent Term) (2 units)
EP02 Environmental economics and policy (Michaelmas and Lent Term) (2 units)

RM02 Further topics in quantitative methods (Lent Term) (1 unit)
RM03 Spatial Analysis and Modelling (Lent Term) (1 unit)
EP06 Energy and climate change (Lent Term) (1 unit)
EP07 National, Comparative, and European Environmental Law and Policy (Lent Term) (1 unit)
EP08 Comparative environmental policy (Michaelmas Term) (1 unit)
PGR03 Spatial economics (Lent term) (1 unit)
PGR04 Institutions and development I (Michaelmas Term) (1 unit)
PGR05 Institutions and development II (Lent Term) (1 unit)
RE03 Real estate development process (Lent Term) (1 unit)
RE04 The macroeconomy and housing (Michaelmas Term) (1 unit)
RE05 Legal Issues in Land Use and Finance (Lent Term) (1 unit)