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Downing College


All students who enrol on the Real Estate Masters Programme become full members of a Cambridge University College, which provides pastoral support within a collegial academic environment.  Once a college member students remain a member of that college for life which includes some on-going opportunity to book accommodation, formal dinners and be invited to College and alumni events.

College life is an important aspect of the course and we believe that having students on the course together as members of a college helps contribute to a really positive 'Cambridge Experience'. However, if an applicant already has an affiliation with or a strong preference for a a particular college then this will be taken into consideration.

The college provides accommodation and also offers meals, although students often prefer to sample the many different types of cuisine available from the wide variety of restaurants and cafes in Cambridge, along with their course colleagues.

During the course both complimentary and optional formal dinners are held at the college and are again part of the Cambridge College experience and highly recommended.

As members of a college students have access to all the resources and facilities of the college, including leisure facilities, library, IT resources and common rooms.

General information about Cambridge colleges can be found here:

The MSt in Real Estate have arrangements for students at Wolfson College and Downing College, and students are fully inducted and matriculated into their college during the first residential session.





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Introduction by Course Director Nick Mansley

An Interview with MSt Graduate Elizabeth Smart