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Questions about the MSt in Real Estate

This page provides answers to questions specifically about the MSt in Real Estate.  For more general questions see the links below.

For questions about the admissions process, from considering applying to when your application will be decided or language requirements, please contact the MSt admissions team:

If you have questions about immigration or visa issues please contact the International Student Team.

For more information about Department's requirements, please check  the Department FAQ section.

Who awards the MSt?

The Masters in Real Estate is conferred by the University of Cambridge as the awarding body and students graduate from the University of Cambridge.

Students who successfully pass the course and graduate from the University are entitled to use the letters, ‘MSt ( Cantab )’ after their name.

Will I matriculate from The University of Cambridge?

Most certainly.  All students are required to matriculate in order to become a member of the University, which involves signing a formal declaration agreeing to abide by the Statutes and Ordinances of the University and College. Only by signing these documents does the student become recognised as a full member of the University and College.

The Colleges administer formal processes, including matriculation (formally joining the University and College) and all  students then attend a formal dinner, ‘the Matriculation Dinner’ to celebrate the more formal admittance to the University and College.

Is possible to live outside of the UK but fly into Cambridge for the residential sessions?

Absolutely, the course is designed for those working and living away from the University.  The programme is modular and delivered through a combination of distance learning, a VLE and residential sessions.  There are 7 residential weeks in 5 blocks (2 residentials of 2 weeks duration plus 1 of 1 week in year 1 and 2 residentials of 1 week in year 2).  We arrange college accommodation for the duration of the residentials, which are focussed more on taught sessions, collaborative work, project work, site visits and supervisions.  Self study, theoretical work and assignments can be done between the residential periods.  For our current teaching policy due to COVID-19 regulations/restrictions please see the course webpages.

I am not sure what references to provide?  I have been in full-time employment and have not studied recently. Will the University accept two professional references?

For the MSt in Real Estate you are asked to provide one academic and one professional reference.  Where this is not possible, for example where you have been working and your last period of study was some years ago, then two professional references may be accepted.  One of your references should ideally be from your employer or another person who can testify to your academic abilities as demonstrated in a work or formal context.  See the  ‘Supporting documents required for application’ PDF file, linked from the prospectus entry for further details:

When will I hear about my application?

Applications for the MSt in Real Estate are reviewed in batches throughout the applications cycle and the first batch of applications is normally reviewed by the Course Directors in December or January and thereafter on a rolling basis as required and depending on application numbers.

However, do bear in mind that decisions are not necessarily made at the time of review, most decisions are made after the application closure deadline of 31st May, so please do not be concerned if you don't hear from us before then.

Is a full research proposal is required for the course application?

You are required to complete a ‘Research Proposal’ as part of your application.  However, there is no need for a detailed proposal at this stage. There is no word limit, but just a couple of paragraphs (no more than a side of A4) is sufficient.

We ideally would like to see an interesting research question with some idea of what literature already exists related to the question and how you would go about the research e.g. what data you would need and where you might get it from and what methods you would use.  However, at this stage, all we need is an indication of ideas (that could be shaped into a more detail research proposal during the first year of the course) to illustrate your interest in doing research for this degree and that if invited for interview you can briefly talk about these ideas thoughtfully.   The course is designed to ensure students gain the necessary research skills rather than expect them to arrive with them all in place.

For guidance on what to include in and how to complete the proposal go to the"How to Apply" section of the ICE MSt webpage.

After completing the MSt can I progress to studying for a PhD Degree?

The MSt in Real Estate is a valid route to studying for a PhD Degree.  Students wishing to apply for continuation to the PhD would normally be expected to attain a minimum overall mark of 67% and dissertation 70%

Finally,  if you have not been able to find the answer to your question please contact Barbora Sajfrtova, the MSt Administrator at CRERC:  or the ICE MSt Admissions Team: