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Modules Offered


Please note that the Department is currently in the process of improving the structure of all Land Economy MPhil courses. The content of the programmes for 2017/18 will remain similar to  the current ones.

Please note all MPhil modules are reviewed on an annual basis. This review may lead to a change in the core and/or optional modules offered on a particular MPhil course. Module content is reviewed and may be adjusted from one year to the next. In some cases adjustments to content may be significant. Modules may be rescinded permanently or withdrawn on a temporary basis at any time.

Any information provided on Land Economy modules offered and their content is therefore subject to change and provided as guidance only to assist applicants with their choice of course. Reading lists are also provided for information purposes only and do not constitute a final or definitive list.

The final list of modules for the academic year in which a student is registered will usually be confirmed during the summer vacation proceeding entry to the course (normally August/September) and will be circulated to confirmed students as part of their induction materials, together with an updated reading list. 

Current course structure

The MPhil courses require students to undertake a range of modules, some of which may be compulsory.  Which modules are compulsory and which are optional depends upon the MPhil course.  To find out more about the core and optional modules for each course please follow the relevant link below:

Module outlines and reading

Each year the Department produces an MPhil Reading List and an MPhil Handbook for students joining its MPhil courses.  Current documents are provided below for prospective students, but should be used only as a guide.  Students are advised that the content of both documents is subject to change.  Students are advised not to purchase books until the reading list for the year in which they are enrolled has been confirmed.

MPhil Handbook 2016/17
MPhil Reading List 2016/17

Further information on course content

We regret the Department is not able to enter into lengthy discussions with prospective students about the content of, or reading for, individual modules, and/or whether or not a particular module will be running in a particular year.  The final list of modules will be communicated to confirmed students in the summer preceding their entry to the course.  Students are given ample time to discuss their choice of modules with relevant academic staff, once the course has commenced.

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