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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

PGR course is designed and structured with the emphasis on its practical use and on the development of critical employment skills.

Just about three months of officially completing the program, I was offered a place as an associate consultant in an NGO specialised in management, planning and environment (PGR student, 2014-15 cohort).

There is no single path or rigid career track for students studying PGR and our students follow a wide range of careers. Many of PGR graduates go on to engineering and architectural consultancy; some choose careers in management, while others enter public service with local or national organisations.

The Department of Land Economy runs an Employment Programme open to all current Land Economy students. The Programme is designed to assist the students to find their ‘ideal’ job position upon finalising their studies.

At the University level the Careers Service maintains links with relevant employers and takes into account employer needs and opinions in the services which it provides for students. The Careers Service also allocates a Careers Advisor to each College, Faculty and Department to act as a point of contact.

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