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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

About the course

l choose MPhil in Planning, Growth and Regeneration to enable me contribute towards the development planning of my country. The rapid expansion and densification of cities in Ghana comes with urbanization related challenges such as urban sprawl, congestion, pollution, affordability issues and land insecurity. But with the skills and knowledge acquired, l am confident that l can join forces with other planners to bring a change to Ghana (PGR student, 2015-16 cohort).

I chose to study the PGR programme because of my determination to stand out in the competitive environment. This decision made my stint in Cambridge and the Department of Land Economy the best experience in my academic trajectory.  I learnt many new things and had a change of perception in dealing with different kind of people. What I really like most about the programme is the mandate given to students to choose other optional modules according to their interests. And of course, the PGR programme has offered me options in my carrier including proceeding onto a PhD and working with planning firms (PGR student, 2014-15 cohort).

94% of our MPhil students found overall experience of their MPhil course positive*

87% think that as a result of their MPhil course they are more confident about independent learning*

89% believe that as a result of their MPhil course they feel better prepared for their future career*

* these numbers are based on 2015-2016 academic year

About the Department

It has a world class reputation and the subjects offer bridge the gap between the social sciences and the humanities which I find a compelling offering (MPhil student, 2015-16 cohort).

 There are no other departments in the world that combine REF, PGR and EP in the world, this variation and the flexibility to do Development courses alongside environmental law really appealed (MPhil student, 2014-15 cohort).

Academic excellence, international reputation… - I particularly enjoy the combination of having economic, social and legal aspects, fantastic lecturers, advisory board, everything taught is generally very topical (MPhil student, 2014-15).

Worldwide excellence, access to industry leaders and a unique focus on real estate issues. Also the relevance of the area in modern Britain and Europe (MPhil student, 20104-15 cohort).

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