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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

The following section outlines the facilities and resources  that visitors are entitled to use.  It  primarily gives information that will be of use to visitors after arrival, to  help with the process of orientation and settling into Cambridge.


Access to the Department

The Department of Land Economy is housed in a row of  terraced buildings on Silver Street close to the centre of Cambridge.  All the Department’s administrative offices  are located on this site and most staff members also have offices here.  Reception, and main access to the Department  buildings is located at 19 Silver Street. 

Normal office hours are:

  • Monday to Thursday: 8.45am-5pm
  • Fridays: 8.45am-4pm

All Visiting Scholars are requested to make themselves known  to reception upon arrival in the Department.

Desk space

The University has allocated the Department of Land Economy  two offices for use by its Visiting Scholars.   These offices are situated at 12 Mill Lane, a very short distance from  the Department buildings on Silver Street. In most circumstances Visiting  Scholars are allocated a desk in one of these two rooms.

  • Room 09: 2 desks
  • Room 10: 5 desks

12 Mill Lane is part of the University Centre and they have responsibility for safety, security and cleaning of this building.  If any issues arise please let the Department  know and we will contact them on your behalf.

Visitors should make sure the front door at 12 Mill Lane remains locked at all times before 7.30am and after 6.00pm, even if they  are in the building. 

Additional documents on security and evacuation procedures  will be provided to visitors on arrival.   Visitors must ensure that they read these carefully and, in particular,  the evacuation procedures in case of fire.

Visitors are asked to be responsible for the cleanliness of  the offices at Mill Lane and to be mindful of the fact that the offices are shared  with other visitors.  Please ensure that  all rubbish is placed in the bins and ensure that at the end of your visit you  either take all your belongings with you or dispose of them appropriately.

Wifi is available in these rooms and can also be accessed via the Department building and library, the University Centre and University Library.

Keys and key deposit

Keys will be issued upon arrival in the department to those  visitors who have been allocated desk space.

For reasons of security we require all keys to be returned to the Department prior to departure.  To ensure that keys are returned we are now charging a refundable cash deposit of £10 in exchange for the issue of keys.  Visitors should bring their cash deposit with them when they first arrive in the Department.  It is not possible for keys to be issued without payment of this deposit.  The deposit will be refunded only when all allocated keys are returned to the department upon your departure.

In the rare instance that a visitor is not allocated desk  space in Mill Lane but in the Department buildings at Silver Street the same  key deposit system will apply.  Visitors  to whom this applies are asked to sign in with reception whenever they are  using their office.  This is for fire  safety purposes.

Visitors wishing to use the Department’s basement computer rooms out of hours may obtain access for the front door at House 19. The visitor will need to present their University Card to reception at the start of their stay and request Front Door access.

Computing facilities

There is wireless connection in much of Cambridge. The Department also offers the following facilities which all visitors are welcome to use:


  • The computer room at the Department’s Library  has wireless internet connection for visitors with their own laptops;
  • MCS Computing facilities are available both in the Department and Mill Lane Library.  These are communal, networked computers that allow access to the internet.


Things to note:


  • no individual MCS machine can be set aside for your personal use;
  • laptops can not be connected to the internet by cable.


In order to log onto networked computers visitors will require a personal ID and password.  Visitors will be given papers describing how to get computing access when they arrive in the Department. Visitors should note that it usually takes 3 working days for the ID and password to be set up.  The details will either be in the visitor pack or be sent to the Department and left in the visitors’ pigeon hole by reception for collection.  This will also provide visitors with a Cambridge email address.


Please note that during term time, priority must be given to the Department’s students in the Computer Rooms.

Computer printing

Once they have received their Cambridge email address visitors are requested to provide it to the Department. 

 Printing using the networked printers is only available via MCS machines. The Department automatically gives visitors a £50 credit for printing (paid from part of the bench fee). 


Visitors are welcome to use the Department’s photocopiers  and the visitors’ pin number can be obtained from the Receptionist.  Visitors are expected to comply with UK copyright laws at all times. Please do not monopolise the copiers.  Members of staff require the use of them, sometimes at short notice.


There is a fax machine located in reception which visitors  are welcome to use.  Please ask the receptionist for assistance.


There is a telephone line in both of the Visiting Scholar rooms at 12 Mill Lane which visitors are welcome to use If you have any difficulty with your telephone please contact reception: Tel  01223 337147.


Outgoing, stamped mail may be posted via the Department and is collected from Reception by the Post Office each day. The University also has an internal messenger service (UMS) for mail to be sent to other Departments or Colleges.  This is collected from and delivered to reception, at 9am and 2pm. 


Incoming mail is delivered to 19 Silver Street.  Mail for visitors will be placed in the pigeon hole marked ‘Visitors’ by Reception.

Common room and kitchen

The Department’s Common Room is situated in the basement of  House 21. It may be used by visitors to relax in and read quietly with their  food and drink.

Visitors are welcome to make use of the microwave, and to  store food in the fridge located in the kitchen beside the Common Room.  Please ensure any used items are washed up,  dried and put back in the cupboard.  Any  food left in the fridge must be clearly named and dated.  Food that is out of date or un-named will be  disposed of.

Visitors should note that no cooking devices of any nature are permitted in offices either in the Department or at Mill  Lane.  This includes devices such as  toasters, grills and microwaves, and is for fire safety reasons.  Kettles are permitted provided they are positioned on a sensible, stable surface and are positioned away from other  electric devices.

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Land Economy Library


The Department Library is situated close to the Department.  The Librarian will be pleased to answer any queries visitors may have.  Information on opening hours / available journals and an online catalogue are accessible on the Library page of the Land Economy website.

University Library

The University Library is situated in West Road about 15  minutes walk from the Department.  On arrival  in the Department visitors will be provided with a signed form for the  University Library.  This form should be  taken to the University Library and passed to the Librarian together with the University card as a form of  introduction from the Department.  The  Librarian will then organise access and borrowing rights as  appropriate.

Other Libraries

Other libraries that visitors may want to use are The Judge  Business School Library, The Squire Law Library and The Marshal Library,  Faculty of Economics.  If visitors have  any difficulty in obtaining access to these or any of the University’s other  Libraries they should inform the Department and we will try to resolve the  problem.  Often all this will require is  a letter of introduction from the Department.

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Lectures and Seminars

Details of all activities, seminars, etc to be given in the  University are published once a term in the journal of the University – ‘The  Reporter’.  A copy of this is available  on the internet and in the Library.

Land Economy lectures

Lecture timetables for the Land Economy Undergraduate (Tripos) and MPhil courses can be found in reception and on the Department’s  intranet.  Student handbooks detailing  the content of each paper and module lecture series are also available on the intranet. Visitors are welcome to attend any lectures which are of interest to them.  However, as a matter of courtesy they are requested to make themselves known to  the lecturer prior to the commencement of the lecture.

Land Economy seminars

The Department runs its own Seminar series during term time.  These are usually held on a weekly basis and details are available in Reception, on the Department’s notice boards and on the intranet.  Again visitors are more then welcome to attend.

Seminar information  for other departments / faculties

Most departments / faculties within the University will  advertise their seminars on their own websites. Updated seminar lists are often circulated to members of Land Economy.  By providing the Department  with their Cambridge email address visitors can ensure that they also receive these notices.

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Land Economy Intranet

The Department has its own dedicated intranet which provides useful information on the Department’s activities.  It holds information such as:

  • Undergraduate & Postgraduate Handbooks (with outlines for all the papers being taught in the Department in the current academic year.)
  • Lecture timetables.
  • Seminar information.

Information provided on the intranet is only accessible with Raven password.  This will be supplied to  visitors with their ID and log-in details. Once in Cambridge, to access the Department’s intranet go to our website and from the menu select ‘Current Staff and Students’.

Newcomers & Visiting Scholars

‘Newcomers & Visiting Scholars’ is based within the Accommodation Service and offers, through its weekly coffee mornings, practical advice on a variety of matters from local services to language courses.  It also provides a termly programme of activities for visitors to the University and their families. A copy of their programme and further information is available from the following websites: and  Contact them on +44 (0)1223 761594 or at

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The Department has several functions during the year to  which visitors are invited. Details of these are usually circulated via email  and we hope all visitors feel able to join us.

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University Centre

This is situated by the river just along from the bottom of Mill Lane.  Membership is available for Visiting Scholars and the Centre has both a self-service and a waiter service restaurant as well as a bar (also serving snacks), and coffee lounge.

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Queries regarding the content of this document or any other aspect of administration relating to visiting the Department may be directed to the Visitor Administrator at or +44 (0)1223 337136.

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