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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Discussion Paper Series

Second Best Environmental Policies under Uncertainty

Number Title Author
53.2012 Institutions and Agency in Creating Collective Action for Common Pool Resources Hiroe Ishihara, Unai Pascual
52.2011 The Drivers of Rising Global Energy Demand: New Evidence Yongfu Huang
51.2010 Investigating Farmers’ Choice of Pearl Millet Varieties in India to Inform Targeted Biofortification Interventions: Modalities of Multi-Stakeholder Data Collection Dorene Asare-Marfo, Ekin Birol, Devesh Roy
50.2010 Tradable Permits vs Ecological Dumping Fabio Antoniou, Panos Hatzipanayotou, Phoebe Koundouri
49.2010 Second Best Environmental Policies under Uncertainty Fabio Antoniou, Panos Hatzipanayotou, Phoebe Koundouri
48.2010 Ethanol Production, Food and Forests Saraly Andrade de Sa, Charles Palmer, Stefanie Engel
47.2010 Is Economic Volatility Detrimental to Global Sustainability? Yongfu Huang
46.2009 Environmental Services and Poverty Alleviation: Either, or, or both? Ben Groom, Charles Palmer
45.2009 Trading-off health risk and latency: Evidence from water pollution in Bangladesh Unai Pascual, David Maddison, Eleanor Field, Zubaida Choudhury
44.2009 Ethics and Climate Change Cost-Benefit Analysis: Stern and after Jonathan Aldred
43.2009 Estimating the value of improved wastewater treatment: The case of River Ganga, India Ekin Birol, Sukanya Das and Rabindra N. Bhattacharya
42.2009 Participation in Payments for Ecosystem Services programmes in developing countries: The Chinese Sloping Land Conversion Programme Katrina Mullan, Andreas Kontoleon
41.2009 Two's Company, Three's a Group: The impact of group identity and group size on in-group favouritism. Donna Harris, Benedikt Herrmann,
Andreas Kontoleon
40.2008 Does Geography Matter for the Clean Development Mechanism? Yongfu Huang and Terry Barker
39.2008 The Clean Development Mechanism and Sustainable Development: A Panel Data Analysis Yongfu Huang and Terry Barker
38.2008 Social Capital and Collective Action in Environmental Governance Revisited Hiroe Ishihara and Unai Pascual
37.2008 Land Tenure Arrangements and Rural-Urban Migration in China Katrina Mullan, Pauline Grosjean and Andreas Kontoleon
36.2008 Direct vs Indirect Payments for Environmental Services: The Role of Relaxing Market Constraints Ben Groom and Charles Palmer
35.2008 Assessing the Determinants of Local Acceptability of Wind Farm Investment: A Choice Experiment in the Greek Aegean Islands Alexandros Dimitropoulos and Andreas Kontoleon
34.2008 An evaluation of the impact of the Natural Forest Protection Programme on Rural Household Livelihoods Katrina Mullan. Andreas Kontoleon, Tim Swanson and Shiqiu Zhang
33.2008 Management to Improve Local Environmental Quality and Public Health: Application of the Choice Experiment Method in West Bengal, India. Sukanya Das, Ekin Birol, Rabindra N. Bhattacharya
32.2008 Ecological thought and concern for social inequalities: indifference, opposition or convergence? Edwin Zaccaï
31.2008 Equity Considerations and Payments for Ecosystem Services Wendy Proctor, Thomas Köllner, Anna Lukasiewicz
30.2008 Relaxing Rural Constraints: a 'Win-Win' Policy for Poverty and Environment in China? Ben Groom, Pauline Grosjean, Andreas Kontoleon, Tim Swanson, Shiqiu Zhang
28.2008 Deforestation, Growth and Agglomeration Effects: Evidence from Agriculture in the Brazilian Amazon Danilo Igliori
28.2007 The optimal management of wetlands: quantifying trade-offs between flood risks, recreation and biodiversity conservation Ekin Birol, Nick Hanley, Phoebe Koundouri and Yiannis Kountouris
27.2007 Bonding Social Capital and Corruption: A Cross-National Empirical Analysis Donna Harris
26.2007 How Sustainable are Sustainable Development Programs? The Case of the Sloping Land Conversion Program in China Dr Pauline Grosjean and Dr Andreas Kontoleon
25.2007 The Transformation of Post-Communist Societies in Central and Eastern Europe and the Former Soviet Union: An Economic and Ecological Sustainability Perspective S Serban Scrieciu and Lindsay C Stringer
24.2007 Farmers’ Demand for Recycled Wastewater in Cyprus: A Contingent Valuation Approach Ekin Birol, Phoebe Koundouri and Yiannis Kountouris
23.2007 Estimating demand for new car fuel economy in the UK 1970-2004 using a two-stage error correction model David Bonilla and Tim Foxon
22.2006 How Do Capital Markets Respond to Environmental News? Maria Teresa Ruiz-Tagle
21.2006 Estimating Mexican Farmers' Valuation of Milpa Diversity and Genetically Modified Maize: A Choice Experiment approach. Ekin Birol and Eric Rayn Villalba
20.2006 Why do Manufacturing Plants Invest in Environmental Management? Maria Teresa Ruiz-Tagle
19.2006 The Establishment and Development of Cambridge Environmental Economic Thought. Masayuki Omori
18.2006 Investigating Household Preferences for Kerbside Recycling Services in London: A Choice Experiment Approach Katia Karousakis and Ekin Birol
17.2006 What are the Determinants of Environmental Compliance in the Chilean Manufacturing Industry?: A Case Study María Teresa Ruiz-Tagle
16.2006 Policy Processes for Low Carbon Innovation in the UK: Successes, failures and lessons Tim J. Foxon and P.J. Pearson
15.2005 Development, Environmental Policy, and Mass Media: Theory and Evidence

Suphachol Suphachalasai

14.2005 Converging Paradigms for a Co-evolutionary Environmental Limit Discourse William Konchak and Unai Pascual
13.2005 Biodiscovery and Intellectual Property Rights: A Dynamic Approach to Economic Efficiency Tom Dedeurwaerdere, Vijesh Krishna and Unai Pascual
12.2005 Using a Choice Experiment to Estimate the Demand of Hungarian Farmers for Food Security and Agrobiodiversity During Economic Transition Ekin Birol, Andreas Kontoleon and Melinda Smale
11.2005 Contract Marketing in the US after the 2002 Farm Act: The Case of Peanuts Cesar L. Revoredo Giha, Denis A. Nadolnyak and Stanley M. Fletcher
10.2005 Crop Substitution on UK Sugar Beet Farms and its Effects on the Environment: A Multi-Product Cost Function Approach Alan W. Renwick and Cesar L. Revoredo Giha
09.2005 Determinants of Technical Efficiency in Agriculture and Cattle Ranching: A Spatial Analysis for the Brazilian Amazon Danilo Camargo Igliori
08.2005 Using a choice experiment to estimate the non-use values of wetlands: The case of Cheimaditida wetland in Greece Ekin Birol, Katia Karousakis and Phoebe Koundouri
07.2005 Analysis of the Impact on UK Sugar Production Efficiency of Reforming the EU Sugar Regime Alan W. Renwick, Cesar L. Revoredo Giha
06.2005 On- and off-farm labor decisions by slash-and-burn farmers in Yucatan (Mexico) Unai Pascual and Edward Barbier
05.2005 Bureaucratic Corruption and Mass Media Suphachol Suphachalasai
04.2005 UK Sugar Beet Farm Productivity under Different Reform Scenarios: A Farm Level Analysis Alan W. Renwick, Cesar L. Revoredo Giha and Mark A. Reader
03.2005 The Interaction of Working and Speculative Commodity Stocks Colin A. Carter and Cesar L. Revoredo Giha
02.2005 Sustainable Use and Management of Crop Genetic Resources: Landraces on Hungarian Small Farms Birol, E., Smale, M., and Gyovai, Á.
01.2005 Ammonia Abatement Strategies in Livestock Production: A Case Study of a Poultry Installation Angus, A.J., Hodge, I.D., Sutton, M.A

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