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Department of Land Economy

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Written and forthcoming Publications

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Allin R, B. Hounsome, S. Wilshin and A Renwick (2002) Economics of Horticulture in the East and South East of England. Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge
Allin R. (2003) Economics of Horticulture in the East of England. Department of Land Economy, University of Cambridge
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Kontoleon, A. with Ben Groom and Tim Swanson (2007) 'Valuing Complex Goods: Or, can you get anything out of experts other than a decision?', Research in Law and Economics
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Kontoleon, A (2004) Handbook of Market Creation for Biodiversity: Issues in Implementation, OECD, Paris
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Renwick A.W., I.D Hodge and B. Lang (2003) CAP Reform: Decoupling Arable Payments CRER Report to DEFRA, January 2003
Renwick A.W., S.V. Wilshin and S.L. Coombe (2003) The Economics of Horticulture under Glass DEFRA Special Studies, June 2003
Renwick, A.W, C. Rush and B.Lang (2002) Study of the Farm Business Advice Service. RBU Report to DEFRA.
Revoredo, C. (2004) Estimation of Grains Used as Feed On Farms in the UK. Research Report prepared for the UK Home Grown Cereal Authority, September 2004.
Wadsworth, R. A., PD Carey M.S. Heard M.O. Hill, S.A. Hinsley, W.R Meek (CEH Monks Wood) D.J. Pannell, V. Ponder and Alan Renwick (CRER Cambridge) and K. James (Northmoor Trust) (2002) A Review of Research into the Environmental and Socio-Economic Impacts of Contemporary and Alternative Arable Cropping Systems Report to Defra

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