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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Environmental Economy and Policy Research Group has a track record in innovative academic research in many aspects of public policy.

Our research focuses on:

  1. advancing our understanding of the socio-economic and institutional causes of environmental and agricultural problems
  2. assessing alternative economic and legal solutions to these problems
  3. providing recommendations for implementation of policies

Our research work is interdisciplinary by bringing expertise from economics, law, environmental science, ecology, agriculture and geography in order to provide policy input to a broad range of stakeholders, industry sectors as well as governmental and international organisations.

Currently, the research group has research projects in the following areas:

  • Forestry, wildlife, plant and genetic resource management and regulation
  • Economics of farming in the East of England
  • Analysis of the changes in EU policies on UK agriculture
  • Markets for ecosystem services
  • Land use, agriculture and environmental management
  • Water and wetlands management and regulation
  • Solid waste management
  • Economic and legal research on climate change
  • Urban atmospheric pollution
  • Consulting on agri-environmental policies

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