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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

The Cambridge Centre for Economic and Public Policy is an independently funded research centre within the Department of Land Economy. It is focused on interpreting and understanding economic phenomena and public policy. Public policy is the guiding force in the analysis and the emphasis is on a wide range of predominantly, but not exclusively, macroeconomic issues.


Two major focal points of research are finance and growth development. Finance, broadly defined, along with the role, conduct and impact of monetary policy, are  analysed at regional, national and international levels. Related fiscal policy issues are studied at the same level. The interactions between these issues of finance, economic development and economic growth are also addressed, as are the spatial dimension to these issues. In this sense, issues relating to the Great Recession and the future of economics and economic policy are addressed. The underlying methodology employed is eclectic and involves a number of differing approaches.

Current areas of research focus on the following areas:

  1. Monetary and fiscal policy
  • The question of whether financial structure matters to growth and development.
  • The impact of monetary and fiscal policy at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Assessment of Inflation Targeting strategies.
  • The relationships between finance, capital flows and growth/development - the role of credit in today's economies.

  2. The Great Recession, the Global Financial Crisis and Economic Policy          Implications

   3. Regional and National Growth Theory

  • The development of a post-Kaldorian approach
  • Economic Growth and the Balance of payments constraint
  • Increasing returns and regional economic growth;
  • EU convergence and Structural Funds.
  • The Economics of Brexit and the regions

  4. Income Inequality and its Implications

  5. Criticisms of the Aggregate Production Function