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Current research within the CCEPP focuses on the following issues:

  • The question of whether financial structure matters to growth and development.
  • The impact of monetary and fiscal policy at the national, regional and international levels.
  • Assessment of Inflation Targeting strategies.
  • The relationships between finance, capital flows and growth/development - the role of credit in today's economies.
  • The Great Recession and Economic Policy Implications.
  • Regional growth theory and the development of a post-Kaldorian approach and a critical analysis of the neoclassical approach to modelling economic growth.
  • Increasing returns and regional economic growth; EU convergence and Structural Funds.
  • Macroeconomic developments in the USA, Europe and Japan.
  • International trade issues with respect to regional and national economic growth.
  • Wage and unemployment relationships in the European Union.
  • The role of ‘economic policy reforms’ at both the theoretical and empirical levels with special attention to the emerging markets.
  • Distributional issues of income and wealth in the UK.
  • Inequality Adjusted Growth Rates in Latin America.