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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

Real Estate Finance

The group committed to the integration of theory and practice in real estate finance and investment. We undertake fundamental research into real estate asset pricing and risk analysis that is relevant to the commercial real estate industry, banks and institutional investors. The group actively seeks to build links with researchers in commercial real estate industry in the UK, Europe, USA and the Far East.

The research interests of the group are closely related to the Masters Programme in Real Estate Finance in the Department of Land Economy. Our graduate courses have attracted the very best students in Europe. These students have played an active role in international conferences.

The principal research interests of the group members include:

  • mortgage finance, securitisation of commercial loan portfolios
  • credit risk analysis and pricing credit risk derivatives
  • performance evaluation of securitised and non-securitised real estate portfolio construction and downside risk analysis
  • asset pricing and valuation, application of real option models in commercial real estate development, management & investment
  • Property taxation and urban land development


Urban and Regional Analysis

The Urban and Regional Analysis group is the focal point in Cambridge for regional economics, forming a dynamic internationally recognised cluster of expertise in regional analysis, quantitative and theoretical economic geography, spatial  econometrics and urban and regional policy evaluation. The work of the group is largely concerned with issues of regional and spatial inequality and  development, ranging from Europe-wide differences in regional development and the prospects for convergence of Europe's regional economies, with implications  for social cohesion, to the regeneration of Britain's inner cities, and the  dynamics and development of high technology clusters.

It provides academic and intellectual leadership both in the UK and internationally, with active participation to a high level in all forms of  academic dissemination and discourse relating to theoretical developments, methodological debates and policy options. As an indication it provided the  basis for the Editorial Board of the leading journal Regional Studies between 2003-2005.  More recently it has  become the home for the journal of Spatial Economic Analysis.  It is also central to the formation and  launch of the Cambridge Journal of Regions, Economy and Society which is the  first journal to publish leading edge themed regional and economic research for  an international audience into the regional dimensions of contemporary  socio-economic-political change. 

The group's interests in theoretical innovation grounded in solid empirical  analysis, often with a significant policy emphasis, attracts considerable  funding from national and international bodies such as the Department of  Communities and Local Government, The European Commission, The Rowntree Trust and the OECD.

Typical of the group's work is theoretical and applied analysis of the  determinants of international economic growth disparities, local high  technology clusters and the role of small and medium enterprises in generating  dynamic local economic growth, and the dynamics of the EU regional economies.

A particular strength of the group has  been applied research into the dynamics of urban and regional change with a  strong interest in policy.  For further  insight into this work please click on the link below:



Property law

The research group also makes a significant contribution in various areas of property law. The group includes expertise in tort and contract law, private law theory, property and constitutional law, especially on tribal claims in Commonwealth countries, land law and registration, the law of mortgages and the law of co-ownership.