12:00 - 13:00
Open to all
Time: 12-1 pm. Hybrid: in-person in Main Seminar Room (1.25) in DAB + online in Zoom


Jorge Ossandon Rosales
Lecturer, Faculty of Law, University of Chile | Associate Lawyer, Aylwin Estudio
Delivering the European Green Deal in the energy sector: Between regulatory and competition law

Abstract: More or less regulation? More or less market? These questions cross several sectors of the European economy. The electricity market is no exception. From an era of state monopolies, through mixed models, to the complete liberalization of certain sectors of the energy market such as generation, this evolution has been justified by the reduction of monopoly inefficiencies and the increase of general welfare, mainly through the reduction of prices for system players. This has not been possible without a legal framework and rules that establish obligations for market players. In the design and control of these rules, EU member states move between regulatory law and competition law. This presentation aims to show how this evolution has taken place with the conflicts between areas of law that are not always compatible. The idea that the electricity market should move towards competition law as a pillar of its functioning is promoted, taking as an example the so-called ex-post models in the electricity industry of Sweden and Finland.