Vienna University of Economics and Business in collaboration with the Department of Land Economy will be hosting their 3rd workshop on Residential Housing Markets - A Market in Distress and Potential Solutions.


From a macro perspective, one may ask whether and why certain housing policy regimes meant more resilient markets than others, and which lessons could be learned to be better prepared for future times of crises. From a micro perspective, it is crucial to understand whether the divides in societies are still along traditional lines like tenure status, social and economic background, and accessibility to urban agglomerations or if other aspects have gained in importance; are amenities still valued in the same way as before; and how do new market practices affect our understanding of the functioning of today’s housing markets?


This workshop thus aims to bring together researchers working on a broad range of aspects of residential housing markets. While we are interested in general submissions related to residential housing, this time we particularly encourage the submission of proposals related to the analysis of present or past crises as well as policy assessment and recommendations.


A lot of our CRERC members will be participating in the workshop:

Dr Sofie R Waltl, Dr Daniel Ruf and Professor Thies Lindenthal

Professor Helen Bao will be presenting the key note lecture for the workshop.


For further information: