Academic profile


Sofie Waltl is Assistant Professor in Real Estate Economics and Finance at the Department of Land Economy and Director of Studies at Murray Edwards College. She is an applied economist interested in housing markets, economic measurement, and inequality research.

Before joining the University of Cambridge she had held positions at the Vienna University of Economics and Business, the Luxembourg Institute of Socioeconomic Research (LISER), the European Central Bank (Germany), and the University of Graz (Austria). Additionally, she had research visits at the University of California Berkeley (US), DIW Berlin (Germany), WU Vienna (Austria), the National University of Singapore (Singapore), the University of Queensland (Australia) and the University of New South Wales (Australia). Additionally, she has provided consultancy work to the ECB and GIZ.

Her research has been published in various academic journals including Explorations in Economic History, International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, Management Science, Real Estate Economics, Regional Science and Urban Economics, Review of Income and Wealth, The Journal of Economic Inequality and The Journal of Real Estate Finance and Economics.

Additionally, she has successfully applied for competitive research grants, has been awarded several prices and recognitions, and media outlets worldwide have quoted her research.


Research interests

Her research focuses on topics in real estate economics and finance as well as inequality. Next to policy and (causal) empirical analyses, she aims for advancing economic measurement and improving statistical methodologies applied.




(with D. N. Naidin, M. H. Ziegelmeyer) Objective Housing Sales and Rent Prices in Representative Household Surveys: Implications for Wealth, Inequality, Housing Market, and Affordability Statistics, 2024,


(with A. M. Hahn, K. A. Kholodilin, M. Fongoni) Forward to the Past: Short-Term Effects of the Rent Freeze in Berlin, Management Science, 2024, 70 (3), 1901-1923.


(with R. J. Hill, M. Steurer) Owner Occupied Housing, Inflation and Monetary Policy, Journal of Money, Credit and Banking, 2023,


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(with K. A. Kholodilin, L. Limonov) Housing Rent Dynamics and Rent Regulation in St. Petersburg (1880-1917), Explorations in Economic History, 2021, 8:101398.


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Estimating Quantile-Specific Rental Yields for Residential Housing in Sydney, Regional Science and Urban Economics, 2018, 68:204–225.


A hedonic house price index in continuous time, International Journal of Housing Markets and Analysis, 2016, 9(4):648–670.

Non-peer reviewed publications


(with M. D. Naidin and M. H. Ziegelmeyer) Objectified Housing Sales and Rent Prices in Representative Household Surveys: the Impact on Macroeconomic Statistics. SUERF Policy Brief Nr. 432,
September 2022.


(with A. M. Hahn and K. A. Kholodilin) Wohnungen günstiger, aber schwieriger zu finden: Die
unmittelbaren Auswirkungen des Berliner Mietendeckels. DIW Wochenbericht Nr. 8/2021.


Distributional National Accounts for Wealth: Measurement Issues and First Results for Austria,
Germany, France and Spain. In: 2018 LIS-LWS User Conference Booklet “The Legacy of Tony
Atkinson in Inequality Analysis”
, edited by Andrea Brandolini, Daniele Checchi, Janet C. Gornick,
and Timothy M. Smeeding.


Current PhD students

Anja M. Hahn



Applied Economics, Economic Measurement, Housing Markets, Inequality and Distribution

Research Centres

Department of Land Economy (University of Cambridge)

Department of Economics (Vienna University of Economics and Business)

Lab of Interdisciplinary Spatial Analysis (LISA)

Cambridge Endowment for Research in Finance (CERF)