We welcome three new Assistant Professors in Real Estate Economics and Finance: Dr Sofie Waltl, Dr Philip Kalikman and Dr Daniel Ruf.

Dr Sofie Waltl has joined us from the Vienna University of Economics and Business, and said of her appointment:

"I'm very excited joining the Department of Land Economy that brings together scholars working on similar topics yet approaching them in fundamentally different ways. The Land Economy Department is a melting pot of scientists from different disciplines that are united in their conviction that space matters for understanding economic and social patterns."

Dr Philip Kalikman joins us from Yeshiva University, New York, and said:

“It’s a delight to join such a vibrant community and to meet so many talented and dedicated students, staff, and scholars. I’m looking forward to learning from and collaborating with my new colleagues.”

Finally, Dr Daniel Ruf joins us from Goethe University, Frankfurt.

Welcome to the Department and CRERC!