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Department of Land Economy

Environment, Law & Economics

LISA is a Geographic Information Lab that allows congregating data, software and expertise for spatial analysis in Land Economy's related subjects (Planning, Real Estate an Finance, Environmental Policy, Environmental and Climate Change). Its members include staff, students, researchers, collaborators from other Universities and private sector.

We  hope to provide the foundations in spatial analysis that will allow staff, students, visiting researchers and collaborators in other Universities to develop innovative research using spatial analysis, dynamic simulation, geographic information geocompuation, geomatics;  having an easy way to access (and also to share) software and data, and to develop prolific collaborative research.

LISA also acts a geographic information platform, providing the GIS and Spatial Analysis expertise though the provision of GIS and Spatial Analysis courses.

Our research focuses on several key areas employing spatial analysis methodologies and metrics, as well as  dynamic simulation models. Both ‘off-the-shelve’ commercial software and software developed by us are used.

Examples of research at our LISA Lab include

-Complexity analysis and dynamic simulation

-Creative cities/firms/industries simulation models

-Spatial analysis and urban spatial metrics (in particular metrics for urban growth and shrinkage)

-Land  Use Change and Scenarios for City and Regional Planning

-Integrated Land Use and Transport Models

Big Data, data mining, data validation and model calibration


For more details on projects, lab members and key areas of research please see the research section of LISA.


Please feel free to send us an email requesting more information, the papers and the models, we are more than happy to exchange ideas and cooperate with you.