At the Centre for Resilience and Sustainable Development we are methodologists dedicated to developing tools and methods for the new 21st century field of research which we call the Art and Science of Co-Creation. 

We use our tools and methods to bring together leaders from the public, private and third sectors with academic thought leaders to create robust new, workable solutions to some of the world’s most complex challenges. 

We work with stakeholders to to co-create sustainable and resilient solutions in multiple areas of human activity across the the themes of: 

  • Sustainable Investment – bringing together investors, investees, end-users and regulators to identify and share best practices that drive sustainable finance, and co-create policy innovations to bolster long-term private sector investments for sustainability and resilience.
  • Good Governance – we co-create policies and strategies for systems changes to identify power relationships and institutional formats to make them work. We test intended and unintended consequences to improve outcomes. We study resilient governance in fast-paced, complex local scenarios to ensure effective public goods and service delivery, aiding both the public and private sectors in navigating challenges.
  • Responsible Innovation – we help to support and accelerate leadership and business models which support key transitional initiatives across global value chains. Harnessing technology for sustainable wealth creation and public welfare, we're at the forefront of maximising the positive potential of technological advancements in both developed and emerging economies.

Our research and activities enable:  

  • Decision makers to understand the complexity of the systems within which they work.
  • Collaboration between stakeholders to pool knowledge and experience in order to create better solutions to complex problems using processes that are faster, cheaper, more comprehensive and more inclusive.
  • A pathway for leaders, strategists, and policy-makers to tap into cutting edge transdisciplinary and systems based research and make it relevant to addressing their own challenges and opportunities.